Making Deviled Eggs

Yesterday, I went to a big Romanian party for Easter.  They had talked to me a few days in advance and asked me to cook for their party.  I don’t normally cook for other people’s parties, but I agreed because my friend was cooking, and she seemed to have more on her plate than was humanely possible to do.  They asked me to make apple pies because not just Americans eat Apple pie, but Romanians do too, and they call it “placinte de mere.”  They also asked me to make marble cake, a type of cake a Romanian lady taught me to make.  If you want the recipes for those two, they are in blogs I have made in the past, and you can look through my blogs and find them.  They also asked me to make deviled eggs.  I realized I hadn’t told you guys how I make deviled eggs, so I decided to share it with you.

I also made apple pie and marble cake for the party, and they seemed to like them because they were almost completely gone at the end with a piece or two to spare and people coming back to take some home.  It was strange seeing people I don’t know enjoying the food I made.

I began by boiling my eggs.

It is really quite easy. I began with  a dozen eggs.  I put them in a big pot and boiled them for 15 minutes to be sure the middle was good and finished.  I turned them off to let them cool and just left them setting  because I was busy making the marble cake.

I peeled my eggs.

After the eggs were cool, I peeled them, of course.

I cut the eggs in half.

After I peeled them, I cut each one in half.

I took the yellow part out of the white part.

Next, I used a small spoon so I would be less likely to break my eggs and pulled the yellow part out of the center of my eggs.

I mashed the yellow part.
I globed some mayonnaise on the yellow part.
I mixed the mayonnaise in, and the yellow part of the egg still seemed a little dry, so I globed more mayonnaise on top and mixed in some more.
I finally had enough mayonnaise.

After that taking the yellow part out of the white part, I mashed the yellow part with a fork and globed some mayonnaise on it. I mixed the mayonnaise into the egg yellow and realized that I needed a little more mayonnaise because all the yellow part needs to be covered with mayonnaise.  Yellow with no mayonnaise is kind of dry, so it all needs to be covered. I globed some more mayonnaise on and mixed it again, and I had enough.

I salted the yellow part to taste.

Next, I salted the egg yellow and mayonnaise mixture to taste.  After that, I spooned just a little into each egg white half.

I spooned some of the egg yellow and mayonnaise into each of the egg white halves. 
After I filled each egg white half, I sprinkled some paprika on top, and I was finished.

After I spooned the egg yellow and mayonnaise mixture into the egg white half, I sprinkled paprika on top of each one.  I know that some people add mustard to their deviled eggs, but people seem to like these much better, and so do I.  They were much appreciated at the party, and many other food items that were brought were not finished, but my deviled eggs were completely eaten.  They liked them.

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