The Avengers, End Game

No!  Really?  They say this is the last one in a long line of super hero movies.  Can that really be?  We went to see “The Avengers, End Game” last night, and it was literally night because we had to go after my Korean son in law got off work, and we went at 11:00 at night, and the movie lasted 3 hours, but we didn’t go to sleep because it was just as captivating as promised.  After all, all your favorite Marvel super heroes were all in one movie! If you have been watching the Marvel movies for the past ten years and wishing to see some of the characters again, you get to see them, even if for a brief minute for some, in this movie. You even get to hear a tree stump say, “I am Groot” again.  At the beginning of the movie, it seemed like nothing was happening, everyone was unhappy, and it went rather slow even though Thor knocked Thanos, the bad guy from “Guardians of the Galaxy,” in the head with his hammer and killed him.  Half the super heroes were gone, and they were all mad at Captain Marvel because she had been out of pocket saving other worlds.  The only happy one at the beginning was Iron man, Tony Stark. He had married the character that Gweneth Paltrow plays, had a little girl, and settled in a nice house in the country by a small river, and they were living an idyllic life.  Hawk Eye initially seemed the same except his family vanished right in front of his eyes!  The story actually begins when Ant Man comes back from the quantum realm after having been gone for 5 years. He has the technology to help them.

The movie couldn’t have happened at all without Ant Man, and wait til you see the green man turn him into a baby!
I am an old woman, and I have been watching the Incredible Hulk since I was very young, and I see him civilized for the first time in this movie.
The god of Thunder likes Captain Marvel.  They both change, but Thor will keep you laughing, even up to the end.

You realize that the reason why Thor killed Thanos was because Thanos had killed half of planet earth. Ant Man thinks that they could use his technology and travel through time, go back, and get some stones to put everything back in order.  This is when you begin seeing more of the Avengers.  The Incredible Hulk has really changed!  Bruce Banner was able to integrate the two into one, and now you have a very civilized looking and acting huge green man taking selfies with kids.  The one who was the funniest to see how much he had changed was Thor.  Thor had made a new Asgard on Earth, and he was the reining king, but he didn’t live or look like a king. He lived in a hovel full of empty beer bottles and other trash because he never cleaned up, and he and his buddies sat around drinking beer and watching TV.  Thor had grown his hair long again, but it wasn’t beautiful like before. It was long, stringy, and unkempt like his beard, and he was running around without a shirt and extremely fat!  They cut Captain Marvel’s hair off to make her look like a boy, and they really shouldn’t have done that! They say if a character grows and changes, it is a sign of good literature. Is this good literature? I will let you ponder that.

Black Widow can’t decide in this movie if her hair should be long, short, red, or blonde, but in the end, we learn it doesn’t matter.
This is the best picture I could get of him, but we love his dance so much we must include him!  However, someone else forgets she loves him in the movie.
She forgot her sweetheart and ended up with two sisters!

The group of Avengers were looking to find the others because they wanted the smart ones to figure out how to use the technology Ant Man had and send them back in time.  Tony Stark refused because he was just too happy and didn’t want to mess with it.  The huge, green Bruce Banner agreed and they began experimenting, but were making a mess of it.  Finally, Tony Stark gives in and helps. He gets it figured out, and they find where all the stones are in different points of time where they could get them.They go back in teams to get the stones. In the end, they are successful and come back with the stones, but not without casualties or a spy.  Because of the spy, the terrible events unfold that happen next. One of them dies in the past, but should I tell you who it is? The death makes them all more determined to make a difference! Captain America sees someone wonderful in the past!  Tony Stark meets his dad before he was born, echoes of “Back to the Future.” We get to see a glimpse of that crazy bald lady from Dr. Strange too.

We get to see him and his compatriots swirl their hands and make magic again!

Thanos in the past figures out what they are doing and also travels through time.  They are busy fixing the world and don’t realize that Thanos is trying to undo everything they are doing.  A hug war begins!!  All the heroes that Thanos had killed before all come back to life because of the stones!  If you missed a hero and wanted to see them again, they come!  You even get to see the crazy guy from “Guardians of the Galaxy” dance again!  You won’t get to see Black Widow again, and if you are watching the movie, you will know why, but you have seen her in the movie. Thanos begins destroying everything and gets the stones.

I hear people don’t like her, but Thor loves her!
She shows up to fight Thanos, bu really I don’t know who she is!
Our buddy from Africa shows up in full force with his army to help save the day!
Captain America and Agent Carter finally get the ending the have wanted for so long!  He also gives us hope of more to come.

Just when you think the Avengers are going to lose, Captain Marvel shows up from helping planets in outer space again.  You think she is going to be the savior of all of them, but she isn’t.  The only one who was happy and resisted getting the stones from the beginning is the hero.  All the bad guys even Thanos turn to dust!  The Avengers have won, but the price was big because there is another casualty.  If you liked Spider man, he is back, but he is unhappy because of the ending. Everyone is actually happy, but the one death at the end isn’t fair.  However, something else happened that is very fair!  They send Captain America back into the past with the stones to take them back where they came from, and he doesn’t come back. I actually could see it happening before it happened.  He and Agent Carter get another chance and live happily for many years.

Really? Are they going to leave Gwenth Paltow a widow?


Captain America shows up again as an old man with his shield.  He is finished being a super hero, but he wants to pass his shield on. Oh, I forgot!  Something important happened during the battle. Thor’s hammer doesn’t go just to Thor, but also to Captain America.  Captain American seems to be sharing a lot. Everyone is worried there won’t be any more Avenger’s movies, but there is a possibility. Captain America passes his shield on to Falcon. I didn’t recognize him, so I had to ask my Korean son in law who he was.  He said I didn’t recognize him because they haven’t made any movies about him.  Maybe the movie is entitled “the end game,” but maybe it isn’t the end. Maybe they will make a movie about Falcon since the shield has been passed to him.  We can only wait and see.



Here is a little something extra for you my Korean son in law wanted you to see. If you are a real fan, over at Lotte Mall Cinema next to Gimpo Airport, Seoul, S. Korea, you can  buy Avenger’s memorabilia:


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