We Colored our Easter Eggs

We don’t live in America, and we don’t have access to all the stuff in the grocery stores that Americans have to color eggs, but we color them anyway.  We are kind of lucky right now because we actually have food coloring. In times past, food coloring was hard to get, and there were times I soaked eggs in tea, used onion skins, etc., any way I could think of coloring the eggs.  It is easy if you have food coloring.  I boiled the eggs while my daughter was at work, but we didn’t color any eggs until after dinner because even though she is grown, she really loves doing things like this.

We began by making sure we had an area to color the eggs where nothing would get colored we didn’t want colored. We took the table cloth off the table and put some paper towel down.  After that, we assembled all the things we would need:  We already had the eggs on the table in a big bowl, so next we got cups with water, food coloring, big spoons, a place to put the eggs after we colored them, and finally, some vinegar.

We dropped food coloring and vinegar in the water.
All the cups are ready to dye the eggs.
We soaked our eggs in the cups with the water, food coloring, and vinegar.

We put some food coloring and a little vinegar in each of the cups.  We were ready to begin. We put a boiled egg in cup and let it soak until it took some color.

Our eggs took the color well!  This is the red one and the purple one. The purple one was so dark, it almost looked black.

After that, my daughter wanted to experiment. She wanted to do more than just change their colors. She wanted designs.

My daughter was really happy with the designs she put on the eggs.

She got some Vaseline and rubbed it in patterns on the eggs with toothpicks before she put them in the cups to soak.  She was really happy how they turned out after she soaked them and then took a paper towel and wiped the Vaseline off.20190419_214645-11769412491.jpg

We colored all our eggs, and they are done. My Korean son in law read the blog about Romanians calling Easter eggs “red eggs.” He kept wondering around and asking, “Are you going to make red eggs?” I had to pull him aside and explain to him the Romanians call them red eggs, but Americans call them Easter eggs. He is thrilled with all the holiday preparations my daughter and I always do because Korea doesn’t make preparations at all for Easter.

2 thoughts on “We Colored our Easter Eggs”

  1. They turned out very nice. Creative thinking on the decorating.
    In foreign countries, you have to use what you have available. 🥚🖌️🥚🖌️

    1. Yes, I know you understand. When we live in foreign countries, we have to use our imaginations a lot. The younger missionaries now a days at least have the internet to fall back on if they don’t know something, but when I first began as a missionary, and when you went, we had to take recipe books and be creative to do almost anything. I learned to cook from scratch just to become a missionary. Everything is still not available here, but a lot is, and we are thankful for what we can find.

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