Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Icing

Today, I decided to treat my family. I have been thinking about doing it, but hadn’t made up my mind what to make for them.  We really enjoyed the cheesecake last week, and we had bought more cream cheese so I could make something else with cream cheese. I kept thinking I would like to try making cream cheese icing, and then was leafing through a cook book and saw a recipe for a red velvet cake and remembered how much my cousin went on and on on Facebook about how wonderful red velvet cake is.  I decided to go for red velvet cake with cream cheese icing. It was a bit of a challenge because of the differences in some of the ingredients, but as usual, I rewrote my recipes to fit the ingredients I could find.




I began by putting a tablespoon of vinegar and two teaspoons of baking soda in a small bowl and mixing it together. I set it aside.20190412_1534371189926249.jpg

I set my oven for 350 degrees Fahrenheit. If you are using another kind of oven, that is a moderately cool oven.



Next, I got a big bowl.  I put 1/2 cup of cooking oil and 1 1/2 cups of sugar in the bowl and mixed it up. the original recipe called for solid shortening, but cooking oil is the same as melted solid shortening.  Next, I added 2 eggs.  I added 2 teaspoons of cocoa and a teaspoon of vanilla.  .

This is the food coloring I used.

The next step was a little complicated. The recipe asked for 1/4 red food coloring.  Food coloring is hard to get in Korea, and I had some I had brought from America, and it had sprung a leak somewhere, so I pulled it out of the plastic bag my daughter had put it in and cleaned it off. I got red everywhere, and I could see there was no way I could get 1/4 cup of red food coloring out of what I had. I also had some cake decorator’s food coloring my oldest daughter had sent me from America once upon a time. It is stronger than the regular food coloring, so I decided if I used some of that, I wouldn’t have to use a whole 1/4 of a cup.  I put several drops of the stronger food coloring in. It didn’t come up to 1/4 of a cup, but I was sure it would be okay anyway.

I added a cup of milk.

For the next step, the recipe calls for a cup of buttermilk. However, we never have buttermilk. I don’t even know if they sell it in Korea.  When we first came and I figured out which one was the low fat milk, I thought I was doing pretty well, and we have bought that ever since.  No one at our house drinks buttermilk, but I know it is kind of thick and smells spoiled because my dad used to drink it.  I realized that I would be putting vinegar in the batter and I didn’t put all the food coloring in, so the vinegar would spoil the milk a bit and the thinner milk would be okay since I didn’t put as much liquid food coloring. I added one cup of regular low fat milk.

I added 2 1/4 cups of flour.

After that, I added 2 1/4 cups of flour I mixed everything together.  Next, I added the baking soda and the vinegar mixture to the cake batter.  I mixed everything well with a wire whip.  I made sure there were no lumps and everything was mixed well.

I poured the cake batter into the two pans.
I put the two layers in the oven.

I greased and floured my pans, and then I poured the cake batter into the pans.  My greased and floured pans may look different from yours because there is no solid shortening here. I use cooking oil to grease my pans.  I put the 2 layers of the cake in the oven.

In times past, I noticed that the layer on the top of my oven always baked better than the one on the bottom.  What is on the top shelf of my oven always browns better when I put two layers in.  The recipe said to leave the cake in 20-30 minutes, so I set my timer for 10 minutes and cake back after 10 minutes and switched the places of the cakes. I put the one from the bottom on top, and the one from the top on bottom, then I set the timer again for 10 minutes. When I cake back, one layer was finished. When I inserted a fork in it, it cake out clean, but the other layer wasn’t finished.  I took the layer out that was finished and put the other back in for about five minutes.  After five minutes, the second layer was done too.

The cake is done.

While the layers were still warm, I put one on the cake plate I put the cake plate on top of the pan, and then I turned the pan upside down so the plate was on the bottom. It cake out easily.  If you let your cake cool before you take it out of the pan, it will not come out easily.  I did the same thing with the second layer, but I put it on a cooling wrack to cool instead of the cake plate.

While the cake was cooking, I began the icing.  The problem I ran into was that my recipe kept calling for 3 ounce packages or 3/4 pound boxes.  That may work if you are cooking in America, but it wasn’t working for me because everything I buy here in Korea is in different sized packages and boxes than what you can buy in America.  I also wanted to make sure I was going to make lots of icing because I had a double layer cake.  I worked on the measurements and finally came up with something I could use.

I am lucky to be able to find Philadelphia cream cheese here in Korea.
My cream cheese icing was finished.

I had a cream cheese package that was 200 grams which is about 6 ounces. That is where I began.  After that, I added 12 tablespoons of soft margarine and 2 teaspoons of vanilla. After that, I added about 5 1/2 cups of powdered sugar and two tablespoons of milk. I mixed everything together.  This is such a variation of what I found that it is basically an original recipe.

I began icing my cake.

I touched the layer of the cake I put on the cake plate, and it was cool, so I began icing my cake.  When I put the top layer on, I remembered that my top layer wasn’t quite as cool as my bottom layer. I seemed to be rushing it a bit. I know better than to icing a cake that is still warm. The top layer was almost cool enough, and I had a time limit, so I decided to go ahead and ice the whole cake since it was working.

My cake is finished, but you can see from the job I did on the icing that I rushed it a bit. The top layer kept wanting to slip because it was still warm. Don’t ice the cake until it is completely cool! I usually don’t do this, but I had a time limit and rushed it.

I iced the whole cake, and then I had time to start dinner before everyone came home.  After I got dinner in the oven (I was making a chicken, mushroom, rice casserole), I sat down and decided to lick the bowl from the cream cheese icing. It was delicious!  Sometimes I really don’t want to lick the icing bowls because I am worried about them being so rich they upset my stomach, but the cream cheese stopped the icing from being quite as rich, and it was not only very tasty, but felt good inside too.

I came back after the top layer had cooled more and realigned the cake and straightened up the icing a bit.

My family is home now, and we are going to enjoy our casserole with red velvet cake with cream cheese icing for desert.  “)

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