“Shazam!!” Yes, it is funny!

As usual, my Korean son in law saw a super hero movie, and he insisted we all go see it this evening.  This was more than a super hero movie.  It wasn’t just about a strong guy beating up bad guys.  It is hilarious! The name of the movie is “Shazam.” It is made by DC.  The main character is played by Zachary Levi when he is in a grown man’s body, and when the main character is a kid, the actor is Asher Angel. Asher Angel and Zachary Levi play the same character who can switch between being a grown man and a kid just by yelling, “Shazam!”  However, at the beginning, as the viewer, you are just trying to figure out what is going on because it seems that the old Shazam, a wizard, was looking for a replacement, and he kept pulling people into his cave to see if they were pure of heart to see if they could replace him.

Here is the movie poster. This is Zachary Levi as the older Billy, Shazam.

Billy, the character who Asher Angel and Zachary Levi play, was a little boy at the beginning and got lost and couldn’t find his mother, and ended up in foster care. Mark Strong played the bad guy.  In the beginning, he wass one of the people who was pulled into Shazam’s cave to figure out if he wass pure of heart, and so could replace Shazam because he was getting old, but the little boy who becomes the bad guy played by Mark Strong wasn’t chosen.  In fact, Shazam, the old magician, was having a really hard time replacing himself.  He got to the point that he felt forced to go ahead and choose someone, and that was how Billy became the new Shazam, the super hero through magic.  Billy knew he wasn’t pure of heart, but Shazam had no choice because the character played by Mark Strong figured out where the cave was and took the seven deadly sins within himself.  Someone needed to protect the wold from the seven deadly sins. Billy was protecting his foster brother from some bullies, and began running away afterward. While he was running away, he got pulled into Shazam’s cave and became the new “Shazam!”

Here is Shazam and his foster brother who are actually both about the same age. He goes to his foster brother for help because he thinks he is an expert on super heroes. 

Can you imagine a 14 year old kid automatically being a guy about 25-30 years old with lots of muscles and super powers?  Billy doesn’t know how to handle himself.  He is still a kid, but physically, he is something off the charts!  He really doesn’t understand why he has been made Shazam, and doesn’t know what powers he has or how to control them.  Thanks to his foster brother and lots of mistakes, he slowly learns.  In the meantime, they are filming everything for You Tube and Billy is accepting money for doing super hero tricks.

His foster brother is over awed by what Billy has become.

There are bullies in the school.  Billy was protecting his foster brother when he got pulled into the cave to become Shazam. His foster brother wants Billy to eat lunch with him at school to stave off the bullies, but Billy as Shazam is too busy out showing his magic off and letting people pay him for his shows to bother showing up for lunch, and his foster brother gets a wedgy so bad that they rip his underwear off him.  Billy really doesn’t quite know what he is doing at all as Shazam.

Mark Strong’s character shows up with the seven deadly sins. First, he takes revenge on his family, who actually deserve it, but he still shouldn’t have done it.  Afterward, he decides to go after Billy because he knows Billy is the only one more powerful than he is, but at first, he has no idea who Billy is.  He doesn’t know that Shazam is actually a kid.  He eventually figures it out and shows up at the foster home where Billy lives while Billy is out to threaten Billy’s foster brothers and sisters.  Billy comes back as Shazam to try to same them.

All of Billy’s foster brothers and sisters end up as adults with super powers like he has.

There is a lot of conflict after that.  Billy, Shazam, wants to save his foster brothers and sisters, but it seems he is outnumbered. He eventually figures out how to change all his foster brothers and sisters into super heroes like he is and they send the seven deadly sins back into statues and Mark Strong’s character to jail.  Billy and his foster brother had been looking for a lair because every super hero has a lair, and eventually realize that the cave where the old wizard made Billy into Shazam can be their lair.

When I saw the movie posters, I didn’t understand the bubble gun and the cell phone, but it is because there is a kid in a man’s body.  He runs around charging everyone’s cell phones just because all he has to do is point at them to charge them. In the end, there is a whole group of kids in adult bodies.

At the end, Billy shows up at the school cafeteria as Shazam to eat lunch with his foster brother. His foster brothers and sisters are there as themselves eating lunch with the boy, and there is one more surprise!  Shazam brings Superman to eat lunch with his foster brother. The bullies won’t be bothering Billy’s foster brother anymore!  I have only told you the basic story. I can’t really show you how funny it was here.  Billy is funny as an adult, and so are all his foster brothers and sisters when they become super heroes too.  What would each of us do if we were kids, and the next second grown, strong, powerful people?  It gets funny because a lot of grown, strong, powerful people are acting like kids, but they also understand they want to be good super heroes.  I can tell you the story without feeling like I have taken anything from you because I can’t really convey what makes the movie so entertaining. Yes, the story is good, but it is more than about the story.  It is funny! My daughter and Korean son in law agree with me, and they think this movie is going to be really popular!


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