A New Restaurant in Seoul: Kinukanu Sushi Buffet

“Build it, and they will come!”  This is really true in Korea. The Koreans love new buildings!  Not far from our house, in Gangseu-gu in Seoul, S. Korea, there is a neighborhood that had almost nothing there. However, they began building. They put up walls around the whole area of town, and there was a lot of activity behind the walls, and we drove past wondering what they were doing for months on end. Last winter, I saw they had built a park and thought about blogging about it, but decided to wait until the weather was warmer and the pictures would be prettier.  Today, we were invited to go to a new restaurant with a group after church in the Magok area in Gangseu-gu in Seoul, S. Korea.  The name of the restaurant is Kinukanu Sushi Buffet.

This notice was on the cash register at the front door.

This restaurant is a very popular restaurant even though it is brand new.  To get in, we had to wait in the waiting area for an hour, but waiting didn’t stop anyone from wanting to go in.  Prices didn’t stop anyone either.  There is a picture of the flier above that was on the cash register. It says that elementary school kids get in for 12,000 won (about (12 dollars) for lunch weekdays, and for dinner, and the smaller pre-school kids must pay 7,000 won (about 7 dollars).  If you are an adult, through the week, you must pay 17, 900 won to get in for lunch. If you are an adult and come through the week for dinner, you must pay  21.900 won (about 27 dollars and 90 cents). These prices are to use the buffet for one hour and thirty minutes. It doesn’t say this on the flier, but if you come on the weekend, it is 22,900 won for an adult (about 22 dollars and 90 cents).


The prices and the fact that we had to wait for an hour to get in didn’t seem to stop anyone.  The waiting room was huge and big enough to be a restaurant all on its own. It was full of games. There were lines of people sitting everywhere waiting to get in, and kids were playing the games.  The waiting room was full of activity.


When we finally got in, everyone was thrilled with the entrance!  There were almost life sized statues of super heroes, and then a shelf above where there were even more super heroes.

I loved seeing the American flag displayed!


All around the restaurant, there were smaller figurines of anime and game characters.


I feel like saying, “You name it, and it was available, not just sushi.”  If you look at the pictures, they even had waffles and pizza available.

This was my plate.  I found a raspberry slushy for my drink.
My little buddy, John, was sitting next to me, and he asked to try my raspberry slushy, then he didn’t want to give it back, so I gave it to him and got me another. (LOL) He learned about raspberry slushies today.
Here is one of my best friends in Korea that I have known longer than anyone in Korea, Joseph, and he ate plate after plate. He is the head of a school.  If you look back through my blogs, you can find a blog about “promise Academy,” where he is the boss. He is the preacher’s son from Daegu.
Maya is the girl who used to live at my house, and John is her little boy, and Joseph is her husband. She ate at our table too. There was actually a huge group of us who went.


Here are more friends who joined us, but there were more.



There were several tables of the group. My buddies were everywhere.

When it came to desert, there was lots to choose from, and they weren’t songpeong this time.  There was cake, mini pies, cream puffs, custard, a brownie, etc.  I took several different kinds of small deserts to sample a lot of them, and they were all good.
This is a plate we were all laughing about. It belonged to a guy named Hyogu.  We were laughing because he got raw beef. Those red strips are beef.  Other people wanted to sample it, but I didn’t.



There was a fantastic play area for the kids!  It was bigger than anything I have seen at McDonald’s.  Here in Korea, there are no play areas at McDonald’s and the parents who were with us were surprised when I told them that in America and Japan they had play areas for the kids like these too. There was also a large screen, not a TV like most restaurants, but an actual movie screen, where they were showing music videos with K-pop groups.

As we walked out, I caught sight of another super hero display, and Iron Man bust, a Captain America shield, but I don’t know what the other two things are.  However, my Korean son in law loves this kind of stuff. He would probably love this restaurant!

The restaurant was huge, completely busy, and had a lot more food than what was at the wedding hall we went to yesterday.  If you live in Seoul, this place is worth checking out. In fact, as we drove out of the neighborhood of Magok toward home, we realized there are many, many new things here that look worth checking out.  We went by a place with carnival rides and candy cotton being sold out front, and there was a big crowd. There were policemen there directing traffic because so many people showed up to check it out.  We saw a statue of a life sized elephant in another place standing on his trunk.  The roads are almost finished. It is a brand new area, and the roads are not even all done, but it doesn’t matter, the shops are opening, and the people are enjoying it.  We are curious, and we decided that we will go back later and figure out what all the places are because they look interesting and everyone seems to be over there checking it out. Kinukanu Sushi Buffet is completely new, and so are many other places in Magok, Gangseu gu, Seoul, S. Korea, and the people are completely enjoying it.


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