International Crochet

I went to the hair shop here in Korea again today.  I am one of those people who likes to accomplish, and often, I have to sit and wait when I go, so I took something to do while I waited. My latest crochet project is a very simple one, but it takes a little time, so I thought it would be good to work on it while I waited.  While I was sitting and waiting,  couple of Korean ladies came into the shop and saw what I was doing.

The easy crochet project I was working on today

They were thrilled with what they saw!  I looked up from my work and one of them was looking over my shoulder watching me as I crocheted. All I was doing was single crochet, the easiest stitch, and I was just crocheting back and forth, nothing fancy at all. However, she was thrilled because she had never seen anyone do it like that before!  It made me think back to the Romanian ladies and their crochet. They also crochet, but it is different from how American ladies crochet.

This is what the Korean lady had made.

The Korean ladies showed me something one of them had made. It was very small and round.  They made it with coarse shinny yarn. It looked like a pretty Brillo pad in many ways. It was supposed to be a flower. They gave it as a gift to the lady who owned the hair shop, and she hung it up.

Something a Romanian lady made for me

The Korean ladies had never seen anyone make anything large with crocheting.  One kept pointing to the other and telling me she was an expert, and she was the one who made the flower.  They wanted to touch what I was making and asked lots of questions.  I explained to them how easy it was and how to make a sweater.

One of the many doilies I have made (It is almost big enough to be called a table cloth.)
A Romanian made table cloth

They wondered where I had learned, and my mother taught me when I was a little girl, and I have been doing it for years!  I have crocheted things and given them out as gifts everywhere. I have given out sweaters, afghans, and lots of doilies.  For a while, I decided that every woman in my family needed a doily, and I was giving everyone one on their birthday or Christmas.

One of the many gifts I made this past year for Christmas (This is a scarf I made for my son in law.)

This year, I made a lot of small things as gifts and gave them out for Christmas.  I blogged about them, so if you want to see them and know how to make them, the instructions are on my blog.  There are also knitting patterns. I learned to knit when I was a little girl going to English schools because all the English girls are taught to knit at school.

A doily a Romanian lady made for me (Their crocheting is beautiful and quite different from American crochet.)
Another one of the many doilies I have made (I would actually call this a table runner.) I don’t have any of the round ones I made. I gave them all as gifts.

I am learning there are women everywhere who crochet.  They all crochet slightly differently, but it is all nice.  I really understood the ladies at the hair shop today because I remember being in wonder at how the Romanian ladies were crocheting too.

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