Why is a Hamburger called a Hamburger?

One of my Facebook friends posted this question trying to be funny, but there is a very logical answer.  Have you heard of Hamburg, Germany?  Do you know much about the Germans?  Throughout the centuries, they have been known as big, strong people. They have been soldiers in many armies.  The army of the Roman empire was full of Germans.  If you have studied American history, you will know that there were German soldiers fighting in that war too. They were soldiers for hire.  They were also among the Mongolians when the Mongolians swept across Europe and almost conquered all of Europe.

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The Germans have always big bigger and stronger than everyone else. There is a reason they thought they were the super race.  They have always hired themselves out as soldiers in other countries’ armies.

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The Mongolians conquered most of Europe in the 13th century. They were big orientals on horseback, and the Germans rode with them.

Many people don’t realize that Mongolia almost conquered all of  Europe in the 13th century.  Do you know why Hungary is called Hungary?  It is named after Attila the Hun. The Huns were Mongolians.  They were big, strong orientals on horseback that made war everywhere.  If you go into Hungary today, there are oriental looking people walking through the streets, and their families have been there forever. I saw them. They are Hungarian, descendants of the Mongolians who ruled Hungary at one time.

Here in Korea, I visited a high school where all the students were supposed to graduate and go on to a medical school in Hungary to become doctors.  They can only do this because Korean and Hungarian are two similar languages, and it isn’t too hard for the speaker of one to learn the other language.

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There is a good reason oriental babies are born in Hungarian.


Hungarian is not the only European language that is like Korean, Mongolian,  and Japanese.  Finnish is also in the same language family.  When I learned this when I was in Linguistics classes in college, I was amazed and wondered how it happened.  It happened when the Mongolians swept across Europe.  We watched a movie a couple of months ago, and there was a blond actress with oriental looking blue eyes. She went around telling everyone that she was part Finnish and part Hawaiian in the movie.  It is possible for a Finnish to actually have oriental looking eyes because of the Mongolians who swept across Europe, and their language shows the influence too.

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I learned about the origin of the hamburger from a restaurant called “Burger Hunter.”  They had their hamburgers wrapped in paper that had the story written on it. At first, I laughed and didn’t believe it, but when I researched, it made sense.  The Mongolian and German soldiers began the hamburgers, and the hamburgers came to America from Hamburg, Germany.  It made sense.  The Germans brought the hamburgers to America, but they originated with the Mongolians as the swept across Europe with the German soldiers by their side because they needed something they could eat as they traveled. These Mongolians and Germans invented the hamburger.

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The Great Wall of China was built trying to keep the Mongolians out, but they were not the only country who was invaded by the Mongolians.


We always hear about the Mongolians who went into China, but the truth is, as one point they took over most of Asia and Europe. In ancient times, they even traveled across an ice bridge into the Americas, and people are convinced the Indians are related to the Mongolians too.  There was a puzzle for years as to why they left Europe and went home, but the scientists now a days are saying they left because the weather was consistently bad.  By the thirteenth century, the Mongolians had conquered most of Europe, but they turned around and went home, and they left their influence behind. Besides language and oriental eyes, one of those influences was the hamburger.

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