Limba Romana, Lectia 5, Magazinul, Scoala, Casa

Buna Ziua! Ce mai faci?  Did you understand that? Can you respond?  If not, maybe it is time to review some of he previous lessons.  Once you get into Romanian, you will see that it gets easier than at the beginning.  There are many words that are similar to English.  Don’t give up before it gets easy.  It can be a downright fun language to speak.  When you speak, it sounds like poetry.  A Korean asked me how to say “toilet paper” in Romanian because toilet paper is a big deal in Korea. It is not used just in the bathroom.  You can go into restaurants and find it sitting on the table to use as napkins.  I was in a restaurant with a Korean when he asked me, and I told him, “Hirtie igenica.” (You pronounce every letter.)  He was enchanted!  He thought just that word sounded like poetry.  He compared it to the Korean word: “wanjongji” saying the Romanian word was graceful and beautiful, but he didn’t feel that way about the Korean word at all.  When I say Romanian sounds like poetry, I am talking about much more than just one word. Limba Romana este o limba foarte frumoasa! (meaning:  The Romanian language is a very beautiful language.)  Look at all the “a’s” at the end of the words, and then you have what English teachers call alliteration with the two “f’s.”  Alliteration is only used in poetry, and everyone knows that rhymes are used in poetry.  Keep going, and try to say the words as you learn them, and you will learn to feel the beauty of the language. Let’s get started! Hai sa incepam! (hah-ee suh eenchehp-um).


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  1. Ce sunt acestele?

raspuns: ___________________________________________________________________________________

2.  Trandafirii sunt alb?


3. Ce sunt trandafirii?

raspuns: ___________________________________________________________________________________

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4. Ce este aceasta?


5.  Pisicuta este alba?

raspuns: _________________________________________________________________________________

6.  Ochii sunt negru?

raspuns: __________________________________________________________________________________

7.  Ochii sunt albastru?

raspuns: _________________________________________________________________________________

8.  Este un caine?

raspuns: __________________________________________________________________________________


House, Store, and School /Casa, Magazin, si Scoala


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Aceasta este o casa. (This is a house.)

Acest barbat este acasa. (This man is at home.)

O casa are fereastrele. (A house has windows.) (pronunciation of fereastrele: fehrehahstrehlay. Don’t forget to trill your “r.”)

O casa are usele. (A house has doors.) (pronounciation of usele: ooshehlay)

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Acest este un magazin. (This is a store.) (pronunciation of “magazin”: mahgahzeen)

Merg la magazin. (I go to the store.) (pronunciation: mehrg lah mahgahzeen.)

Hai sa mergem la magazin. (Let’s go to the store.) (pronunciation of mergem: mehrjehm)

Ce faceti la magazinul? (What do you do at the store?) (pronunciation of faceti: fahchehts)

Merg cumparature la magazinul. (I go shopping at the store.) (pronunciation of cumparature: koompahrahtooray)

Ce cumparati la magazinul? (What do you buy at the store?) (pronunciation of cumparati: koompahrahts)

Cumpar mancarea la magazinul. (I buy food at the store.) (pronunciation of “cumper mancarea”:  koompehr muhncahray-ah)

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Aceasta este o scoala. (This is a school.) (pronunciation of schoala: sh-koh-ah-lah.)

Hai sa mergem la scoala. (Let’s go to school.)

Ce faceti la scoala?  (What do you do at school?)

Invata. (learn) (pronunciation: oonvahtsah) (The “i” at the beginning of the word is that sound in the back of your throat that we don’t have in English, like a grunt.) (In English, we might say, “I study at school,” but in Romanian, they will say “I learn at school.”  If someone goes home to study, the Romanian will say they go home to learn.

Hai sa invatam la scoala. (Let’s learn at school.) (pronunciation of invatam: oonvahtsahm)

Hai sa mergem in apoi la casa mea. (Let’s go back to my house.) (pronunciation of apoi: ahpohee)


  1.  If you have studied Spanish, this is your time for it to  be a little easier because “casa=house” just as it does in Spanish.  However, let’s add to “casa” and make it “acasa” which means “at home.”
  2. If you have studied Spanish, now is the time to forget Spanish because “la” in Spanish means “the,” but in Romanian, “la” means “to or at.”
  3. Fereastra (fehree-ahstrah)= window or the window, and if you want to make it plural, say “fereastrele.”  “Fereastra” is feminine.
  4. Usa (ooshah) = door, or the door, and if you want to make it plural, say “Usele.” “Usa” is feminine.
  5. Yes, you see “magazin.”  It is not a kind of book. It is a store.  If you want to say “the store,” say “magazinul” because it is masculine. If you want to say there is more than one store, say “magazinele.”
  6. Here is a new verb for you: “a merge” = to go.  Think of the signs on the roads in English that say “merge to the right.” That “merge” means “go” even in English.  However, we don’t pronounce the final “e” in English, but they do in Romanian,  Here is simple present tense for “a merge”:  I go= merg or eu merg, you go- mergi or tu mergi (pronounced: mehrji, but don’t pronounce that “i,” just use it to know the pronunciation of the “g.” He goes – el merge, or merge. She goes = ea merge or merge (pronunciation: mehrjay).  We go = noi mergem, mergem. You guys go or very polite “you go”= voi mergeti  or dumneavoastra mergeti ( pronunciation: voh-ee mehrjehts) They go = ei merg. Don’t forget to trill your “r.”
  7. “Hai sa mergem”= let’s go.  “Hai sa incepam” = Let’s begin.  “Hai sa invatam” = Let’s learn or let’s study. “Hai sa facem” = Let’s do it.”Hai sa cumparam” = Let’s buy
  8. Here we go back to Spanish.  Did you study: “Comprar,”  “to buy” in Spanish?  Well, “a cumpara” = to buy in Romanian.  I buy= eu cumpar or cumpar.  You buy = tu cumpara, cumpara. He buys = el cumpara, cumpara. She buys = ea cumpara, cumpara. We buy = noi cumparam. You guys buy or a very formal you buy = voi cumparati or dumneavoastra cumparati. They buy = ei cumpar.
  9. If you want to say shopping, use another rendition of cumpar: cumparature.
  10. “mancarea” = food or the food. It is feminine. To make it plural, say “mancarele.”
  11. Here is another word that is like English or Spanish:  “scoala” = school.
  12. If you want to say that you want to return or go back, say “Merg in apoi”= I go back or I return.


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  1. Ce faceti la magazinul?

raspuns: ___________________________________________________________________________________

2. Ce cumparati la magazinul?

raspuns: ___________________________________________________________________________________

3.  Iti place mancarea?

raspuns: ___________________________________________________________________________________

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4. Esti acasa?

raspuns: ___________________________________________________________________________________

5.  Ce are o casa?

raspuns: ___________________________________________________________________________________

6. Barbatul acest este acasa?

raspuns: ___________________________________________________________________________________

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7. Mergi la scoala?

respuns: ___________________________________________________________________________________

8. Ce faceti la scoala?

raspuns: __________________________________________________________________________________

9. Prieteni sunt la scoala?

raspuns: _________________________________________________________________________________

10. Mergi in apoi la casa ta?

raspuns: __________________________________________________________________________________



Review raspunsele:

  1. Sunt trandafirii.
  2. Nu, nu sunt alb. Sunt rosu.
  3. Trandafirii sunt floarele.
  4. Este o pisica./ Este o pisicuta./ Este o pisica mica.
  5. Da, pisicuta ese alba./ Da, pisica este alba./ Da, pisica mica este alba.
  6. Nu, ochii nu sunt negru.
  7. Da. ochii sunt albastru.
  8. Nu, nu este un caine./ Este o pisica.

Exercise respunsele:

  1.  Noi cumparam mancarea la magazinul./ Noi mergem cumparature la magazinul.
  2. Cumparam mancarea.
  3. Da, imi place mancarea./ Nu, nu imi place mancarea.
  4. Da, sunt acasa./Nu, nu sunt acasa.
  5. O casa are fereastrele si usele.
  6. Da, barbatul este acasa./ Nu barbatul nu este acasa.
  7. Da. merg la scoala./ Nu, nu merg la scoala.
  8. Invata la scoala.
  9. Da, prietenii sunt la scoala./ Da am un prieten la scoala./ Da am o prietena la scoala./ Nu am un prieten la scoala./ Nu am o prietena la scoala.
  10. Da, merg in apoi la casa mea./ Nu, nu merg in apoi la casa mea.

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