Captain Marvel and Dinner

My son in law loves super hero movies, and he always makes sure we go to see them when they come out.  “Captain Marvel” came on at the Lotte Cinema at Lotte Mall, so a group of us when this evening to see it.  It was not only a super hero movie, but a movie about space aliens. We ate dinner while we watched because the people at the restaurant were slow getting our dinner done.

At the top, it tells the times of the movies, and the movies that are playing are at the bottom.  We chose Captain Marvel, all the way to the left.

Before the movie, we didn’t buy our tickets at the ticket booth. We bought them at a machine.  Everyone wants you to use machines now.  There are machines at McDonald’s and Burger King. There are machines at the airports for you to check in before your flights.  There are machines for buying your tickets.  I really wish they would stop so many machines.  If you are a foreigner, you fumble around and figure these machines out or try to get someone who works there to help you. In the end, it would have just been better for them to help you to start with.  However, my daughter is getting good with Korean machines, and she had no trouble working it to buy the movie tickets.

Hanul, my daughter, and my son in law having dinner in the theater.  If you notice, their feet are propped up.  We sit in a place where we can get foot stools. 🙂
This was my dinner: a ham and cheese panini, french fries, and some Chill Cider (A Korean drink that is very similar to Sprite or 7up.) (A panini is a kind of grilled sandwich. They are good.)

We ordered dinner before the show, but they couldn’t get it done on time, so we took our dinner into the theater with us and at it while we watched.  There were four of us: my daughter, my son in law, Hanul (our friend), and me.

I saw this as I walked into the theater, and was surprised because the super hero was a girl.
Here is the movie poster in the lobby of the theater.  In the beginning, you think several of these people are good or bad, but be careful of your assumptions because there are many twists in this movie.

I didn’t expect the main character, the big super hero, to be a girl.  She did a good job.  Watching her actually made me feel better because she was a muscular girl from the west, and here in Korea, the girls are little bitty skinny things.  They make me feel like a giant, but minus my tummy that came from having babies and so many operations that the doctors took my sit ups away, she was built more like me than the Koreans.  It reminded me that at one time, I was considered an athlete, and she is an athlete. She did a great job! I only have her name in Korean, but her name is Bree Lawson. I hope that is how it is spelled in English.  She played an earthling who thought she was from another planet, but figured out she wasn’t, and it caused her to save the day.

This is from a movie flier I picked up.

Samuel L. Jackson was an earthling who teamed up with the major character.  He looked so big and strong he should play the part of a super hero too.

This is from the movie poster too. His name is Jude Roe.

At the beginning, I thought the character Jude Roe played was going to be a hero, but not so. He was a space alien, and he wasn’t being fair to the main character.  She thought they were friends, but instead, he was her captor and had wiped her memory out.

A space alien

Here is something I really didn’t expect. There was a cat wondering the halls of the American government secret building.  Samuel L. Jackson liked the cat. He kept talking to him and petting him, but he didn’t know initially he was actually petting an alien.  The cat kept following them, and ended up teaming up with them to save the day.  If you watch the movie, the cat will really surprise you!

This is Ben Mendelson.

You have to be careful of the character Ben Mendelson plays. Is he an alien? Is he an earthling? Is he a good guy? Is he a bad guy?  Actually, perhaps all of these because there are shape shifting aliens who take his place, but they surprise you too.  You think they are bad, but in the end, they aren’t.  Some of the guys you thought were good in the beginning end up being bad and visa versa.


This picture is not out of focus.  She is glowing.

The main character changes half way through the movie because she regains her memory. At that point, she figures out who is good, who is bad, where she is really from, and what she can actually do. She becomes a real super, super hero!  No one can stand up against her and the cat.  She is the result of a secret weapon explosion, but she thinks she is an alien. The aliens are keeping her powers in check, but she figured it out and becomes amazing!

If you are into super hero movies or space alien movies either one, you will like this movie.  I appreciated having the super hero be a woman.  My son in law kept saying, “Wow! She is Super woman, like Wonder woman!”  We all ended up in a discussion after the movie explaining to the Koreans that Superman has a cousin who is Supergirl, and they are from Krypton, but this woman is not Super woman because there is another Super girl, Superman’s cousin, and this girl hero in this movie is from earth.


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