Japan’s Reasons for Wanting a Military

When I was in Japan, I picked up a political essay book and read several of the essays.  It was written by Seiji Fuji, a prominent Japanese who has lived all over the world and sat down to talk with many of the leaders of the world.  I had heard a few years ago that Japan wanted to have a military again because I had a Japanese ESL student who was pushing for it, and Seiji Fuji addressed this issue. If you don’t know the background of this, after World War 2, Japan was forced to get rid of its military because they had been such a problem for the world.  The Japanese government went along with it, but Seiji Fuji and others are calling for the government to do some rethinking of the issue of a Japanese military, not because they want to take over the world anymore, but for defense purposes.  He explained this stance.

This picture is for Seiji Fuji’s book of Kim Jeong Un riding a missile.

He pointed to, first, the fact that North Korea may have nuclear weapons.  I know that North Korea has been a real threat to Japan.  I know even that they have kidnapped Japanese, brain washed them in North Korea, and then sent them back to Japan as spies. I understand them being worried about North Korea.  Most of the bad attitude coming out of Koreans toward Japan comes from North Korea because it is the grandparents in South Korea who don’t like the Japanese, but the younger Koreans realize that Japan has changed and actually like Japan.  Some of the South Korean grandparents have passed their prejudice down to their grandchildren, but not most of them.  When I was teaching at the university, the subject of Japan would come up, and Japan has changed its reputation with the younger South Koreans. This happened because first, Japan has not been so aggressive in the recent years, and also because Japan sends out Japanese anime and Japanese video games.  Some of the younger South Koreans absolutely love Japan now a days.  When I said I was going to Japan to visit this weekend, I got responses from the young people I know like, “Wow! I love Japan! I wish I were going!”  They also like it because Japanese is easier for them to learn than English. As far as South Korea, the Japanese don’t need to worry. Most of the South Koreans have forgiven the sins of the past even though North Korea hasn’t.

The Japanese are also worried about what would happen if North and South Korea would reunify.  This is something both the North and the South really want. However, South Korea would never do it under the North Korean government. The South Koreans know they have made too much progress and are too prosperous.  They know if they give in to what North Korea wants the way North Korea wants it, it will destroy them.  They want unification, but without Communism and without the personality cult of the North.  They want the form of government they have. They want the kind of economics they have.  They love North Korea. They think it is a shame the North and South are separated, but they will not give up their ideas of how things should be done because they know their way works.

Here is a picture of the Chinese that Seiji Fuji is worried about from his book.

The Japanese are also afraid of the Chinese.  They say that the Chinese have an expansionist policy.  I remember seeing movies about when the Chinese went in to Tibet and the Dali Lama had to flee.  I know that China claims Taiwan, but Taiwan wants to be an independent country.  They also claim Hong Kong, but they let Hong Kong be separate from them politically even though they are part of China.  They know that China has a lot of influence in North Korea.  They can see the possibility of of North and South Korea uniting and then China taking them over because of the influence they have in North Korea.  They are worried if that happens, then they would also be absorbed into China. The Japanese think they need a military to protect themselves from China.

What I know about modern China is that they don’t function the same way they used to, but they still have an expansionist policy.  They haven’t taken their military in and taken over a country in a while. However, they have figured out another way of taking other countries over.  They go into poor countries and offer a loan so the country can build itself up.  The poor country makes progress.  They get electronics. They build sky rise buildings. They modernize.  They pay back the loan that China gave them, but they can’t pay the interest. Look at Shri Lanka among many smaller countries. The Chinese are like loan sharks on an international scale.  When the small countries can’t pay back the loan, China goes in and takes their government over because of the big debt that can’t be repaid.  After that, the people in the country become even poorer than before and when they used to at least have a poor man’s house, and then moved up to a better house, but China ends up putting them out into the streets, and they have no house.  China has  been taking over smaller countries one by one. They still have an expansionist policy, but it is not a military policy like Japan is scared of.  The people who talk about what happened in their country with China, they say, “We all need to begin to learn to speak Chinese.”

This is the picture from the book about Nuclear Weapons.

This Japanese essayist also advocates for nuclear weapons as the ultimate form of self defense.  He says that people worry about nuclear weapons because of the big tidal wave that caused such a disaster and made many Japanese have to move out of the area around the nuclear power plants.  He says that Japan is now importing all their oil.  It has really effected the price of traveling in Japan.  The price of a subway ticket is enormous compared to the price of a subway ticket in Korea.  He says that the Japanese people think that they should stay away from anything nuclear because of cancer, but he says that the percentage of cancer patients in Japan has not risen since the disaster.  He thinks they should bring back nuclear power plants and make nuclear weapons for ultimate self defense.

This is a picture of he Japan side of the book. As for me, there is too much kanji, and I had to read it in English.

He says that after World War 2, America told them that if anyone attacks them, that America would come to their aid, but the thinks that is no longer true.  He says President Trump has too much to handle trying to put America back together and has America has turned inward.  He is convinced that if anyone attacks Japan, America will not send their young people to die for Japan.

He also says that the Japanese are having the same problem that America has had with the people who broadcast the news.  The news people try to control the country.  They make up fake news to try to sway the opinion of the population.  America used to accuse Communist countries of doing that, and I figured out several years ago that it was happening in America too because I have lived all over the world and seen what the news was talking about and could see them trying to influence the American people and not tell the real story. They called it Communist political propaganda when Russia or China did it, but there are people doing the same thing in America, Japan, and probably some other countries too.  They realize that people listen to the news and trust it, so they use the news to try to sway public opinion rather than to actually report what happened the way it happens.  One of the reasons I initially liked Trump was because I saw that he was smart enough to see through the news as I had, and he not only saw through them, he outsmarted them.

This is a picture of the English side of this bilingual book.

When I began blogging, my oldest daughter who lives in Washington D. C. and works with the Secretary of the American Navy said to me that she thought I should write political blogs, but I hadn’t read too many political essays and wasn’t sure what she was talking about.  She said the people in Washington want to know what is really happening from someone who lives there.  Well, I have finally figured out the kind of article that needs to be written about this part of the world by reading the Japanese political essay book.  I took a trip to the North Korean border when the treaty was signed, but that was about all I could do.  This blog, however, is a political blog, and probably the kind she urged me to write. I live among the people. I speak both Korean and Japanese and have friends in both countries.  This is what is happening in international politics in this part of the world. I am going to continue reading the book and see if Seiji Fuji makes any sense on any other topics. Some of this topics make sense, but some of them, he needs to think about again. I understand Japan wanting a military, but rather than China try to take Japan over militarily, it would probably be through loans like they are doing with other countries.

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