A Long Sunday in Korea Ending with Dinner Out

Today is Sunday. It has been a very long Sunday.  We went to church at the Kong Hang church of Christ in the morning where all the worship is in Korean and we have lots of Korean friends. Joseph taught us some really nice songs before church, and the singing was great today!  Immediately after church, we headed across town because I teach a Bible class in a coffee shop across town on Sunday afternoons.  There were four of us in the car: my daughter, my Korean son in law, Hanul, and me.  We had to drive through at McDonald’s to have time to eat. We ate on the road.  Seoul is a big city, and getting around takes time.

We got to the coffee shop before the others, but they eventually arrived, and we had a good Bible class. I taught Matthew 13, “The Parable of the Sower” and several other parables all in Korean.  When it was time for the class to be over, everyone left, but one student lingered wanting to talk to me.  My Korean son in law’s grandmother is in the hospital, so my daughter and son in law went on to the hospital and left me talking to the student. He had questions about how to get to Heaven, so I showed him some scriptures, and he was happy.

It was time to leave, except I needed to talk to some people at the Hyochang Park church of Christ, the all English speaking church, and I knew they were there.  I went over to the Hyochang Park church of Christ, and they were thrilled to see me.  I stayed for Bible study and worship.  I was getting pretty tired, but after church, a group of friends were going out to eat, and they wanted me to go. I went with them.

Malcom insisted on taking a picture of everyone.  I am on the left side in the front holding the chop sticks.  June, the KCU student is next to me.  After that is Shane, and then Mr. Kim. Emily is across from Shane, and Hanul is next to Emily.

We all went to a small hole in the wall Korean restaurant close to the church building.  I went to eat with Malcom (the old missionary), my Korean friend (Hanul), Shane and Emily (an American couple), Mr. Kim (a Korean guy), and June (a Korean KCU student). It was Shane and Emily’s last Sunday.  They are headed back to the States.  A church in Louisiana plans on sending them to India as missionaries. Hanul and June will be starting another semester at KCU in a few days.  As for me, I am headed for Japan for a few days next weekend,, but I will be back in Korea. I am not moving.

This is the shrimp on the rice with mounds of onions on top, and seaweed on top of the onions.  I moved the onions away and ate what was underneath.  Several of us ordered this.

The restaurant was supposed to be a Korean restaurant, but the food they served seemed to be on the Japanese side.  It was Japanese food with a Korean slant.  I ordered three big shrimp in a bowl of rice, but when they brought it, it was smothered with a mound of onions.  You couldn’t even see the shrimp even though the picture on the menu didn’t even show all those onions.  They were just being typical Korean by smothering it in onions.  I have often eaten shrimp like this in Japan, but even though the Japanese eat onions, they don’t smother things in onions like the Koreans.

Hanul had tonkatsu and buckwheat noodles.  Here is a picture of her buckwheat noodles, the brown noodles. They are a kind of Japanese noodles.
This is tonkatsu and a cabbage salad.  Tonkatsu is a large piece of fried, breaded pork.  In Japan, they eat this with rice on the side and call it “katsu rice.,” however, here in Korea, it is “tonkatsu.”  Malcom and Hanul both had tonkatsu.
This is what June ate.  It is tonktasu on a bed of rice with some egg mixed in.  It is like Japanese Katsudon.  
Before the meal, they brought us all cream soup.  It wasn’t spicy. However, it is something the Koreans are more likely to serve. It was good.
They placed several dishes like this in the middle of the table. On the left, it is a kind of kimchee. Of course, it is smothered in chili spice and very spicy.  On the right, is Japanese yellow pickle, made from a kind of radish and it is very tasty.  
Here is the name of the restaurant.  It reads: Don chee-en

We had a good dinner. I haven’t gone out to eat with this group for a while, and Malcom was so happy that I joined them, he decided to pay for my meal.  Afterward, we all went on home, and it was time for me to go home. I was just flat tired!  However, I had to drive back across Seoul. Hanul had come with me, so I expected her to ride home with me, but Mr. Kim decided to jump into my car too because he lives a long way from Hyochang Park too, but not really close to us, but beyond where we live.  He came with Malcom, but decided to ride back with me. He rode to  a subway with us, and then got out and took the subway home. Malcom drove the others home.  It is about an hour’s drive over there from where I live.  Things are just long distances in Seoul, and people just put up with it. I left in the morning and didn’t come back  home until 8:00 at night.




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