A Korean Graduation

Yesterday was my Korean son in law’s graduation from graduate school.  He got a masters in International Studies from Hangook University of Foreign Studies.  The name of his masters is really hard to translate because we don’t have anything like it in America.  He kept calling it “Multi Cultural Education,” but it is not an Education degree in the way we understand and Education degree. He studied very hard, and he doubted himself a lot, but he accomplished it!  He is a deep thinker with lots of good ideas, and that is what pushed him over and got his masters.  He has a very unusual masters thesis, and no one has written about the kinds of thing she has written before. He explored all the Korean laws dealing with foreigners throughout history and gave recommendations for better laws that would work better that he created. He took it clear back to when Korea didn’t let anyone in the country or out of the country.  It is all in very difficult Korean, so I can only say the things I have heard people talk about with his thesis because I only speak a little Korean. When his dad read it, he said his son should work for the United Nations because he was so impressed.  Yesterday, was the day celebrating his accomplishment.

This is the guy who graduated yesterday.
They put these little stuffed animals in seats where pregnant women were supposed to sit.

I wanted to go, but had prior commitments, but my daughter took pictures to show you.  One of the funny things she showed me was that there were special seats reserved for pregnant women.  They put a type of stuffed animal in the seats and put signs on the seats.

This is the sign that was on my son in law’s seat reserved especially for him.  The top line says “Multi Cultural Education Masters.” The second line says, “Graduate School of Foreign Studies,” The third line is my Korean son in law’s name.
This is the school seal that is on his diploma.
Here is my son in law with his father after the graduation proudly displaying his diploma.
My son in law is the guy in the middle between two professors, probably the president and vice president of the university. I know because I have attended many of these Korean graduations as a professor. The people sitting down are professors. That is where I used to sit during graduations.
Here is a picture of the back of everyone who was graduating this time.  Most of them are getting B. A. degrees.  My son in law was one of the few getting a Masters.
The audience was sitting in the bleachers behind the crowd that was graduating.  Look on the wall.  Barak Obama has spoken here.  They named the building after him.

My daughter got pictures of her husband throwing his hat in the air after graduation.

Here is a picture of my son in law’s diploma.
Here is a picture of the program.  Look at the writing in the middle under the picture. It gives the date, the time, and the place.  The place:  Obama Hall!  LOL!

Here are a couple of graduation gifts my son in law received.  People understand that he is a thinker.

Now, my Korean son in law has a masters degree.  His dad has been talking to him about getting a doctorate.  He goes back and forth about saying he will do it, and then he won’t do it. He wants to move to America, and he is afraid if he goes to America, he won’t be able to study in Korean.  He is trying hard to figure his future out.  He likes the idea of moving to Oklahoma.  He likes the culture there, and he is trying to figure out what he will do if he goes to Oklahoma.   If anyone has a good job for a bilingual deep thinker, leave a comment and I will connect you to him.



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