All Beef Burritos

I haven’t made these for a while, but my daughter and I were talking about them, and I told her I needed big tortillas to make them, so she found big tortillas for me. I wasn’t sure they had them, but they have big tortillas at E-Mart. I thought if I were going to make burritos, I would have to make big tortilla myself, but she found some.

We had to find the largest tortillas we could find to make sure all the filling will stay inside.
I used salsa I had made up ahead of time.
I began by putting the hamburger in a frying pan to brown.
While the hamburger was cooking, I grated cheese.
The cheese is all grated.

I began by putting hamburger in a frying pan and browning the hamburger.  While I was browning the hamburger, I began grating cheese.  I already had some salsa I made up from before, so I didn’t have to make any salsa.  You can buy salsa, but the salsa sold in Korean stores is just too spicy. They don’t sell mild salsa. Only the spiciest salsa will do for Koreans.  If you want to know how I made my salsa, you need to look back through my blogs because there is a salsa recipe that I use there.  If you want, you can sprinkle some chili spice on your hamburger, but my daughter said she didn’t want me to, so I didn’t.

When the hamburger was browned, I took it out of the pan and put it in another dish.


When the hamburger was brown, I took it out of the frying pan.  I put a tortilla in the frying pan.  I cooked it a few minutes on one side. I kept the fire on low because I didn’t want my burrito to burn, and later, it could if I didn’t control the fire.

After I cooked the tortilla on one side, then I turned it over and put hamburger right in the middle of it.

When I could see that the tortilla was beginning to bubble up in places, I could see that it was cooking inside, so I turned it over.  After I turned it over, I put some hamburger right in the middle of the tortilla.

I put salsa in the middle of the hamburger.
I put grated cheese on it spreading it all over the place.

Next, I put some salsa on the hamburger.  After that, I put cheese on the the hamburger and salsa.  I made sure to put a lot because I knew I would need something to make the burrito stay together, and melted cheese works.

I pushed it up on one side holding it in place with the spatula for a few minutes, then I pushed it up the same way on both ends.  I held one end in place with another spatula while I put the other end up.
Here, I had folded one side and each end up onto the burrito.
I turned the burrito over and cooked it a few minutes like this to make sure the cheese would melt and make it all stick together.

After I put all the insides onto the tortilla, I pushed it up on one side and fold it over the top of the filling.  Next, I pushed it up and over folding it up on both ends.  I held it down with the spatula. When I was sure it would stay in place, I put the spatula under the burrito and turned the burrito over folding it onto the last part and making it look like a burrito.

Three nice big burritos, one for each of us.

I let it cook a few minutes to make sure the cheese was melted so it would hold the burrito together, and then it was finished.  We enjoyed our burritos. 🙂


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