The Cow Parade

When we were living in Romania, everyday, there was a cow parade in front of our house twice a day.  We lived in the country in the village close to Sibiu called Sura Mica.  “Sura Mica” is pronounced “shura meeka.”  It means “little barn.”  We had a large house there with two barns, a building just for animals, a large court and yard, and a large garden.  It was my husband, four kids, and me.

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Living in the country in Romania is not the same as living in the country in Texas or Oklahoma in the States.  If we had cows or horses in the States, we let the cows and horses pasture.  They stayed out in the field all day alone, but they couldn’t do that in Romania.  In Romania, if you leave your cows or horses out in the field all day alone, they won’t be there when you go to retrieve them because someone will have stolen them. There were no fences fencing the fields in.

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They have a system to take care of the cows.  There is a man who is like a shepherd for the cows.  He walks down main street every morning, and the owners let the cows out of their barns and out of their gates.  The cows follow him down the street, and there is a morning parade.  They stay all day grazing in the field, and the man stays there watching them to make sure everything is okay.

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Around 5:00 in the evening, the man walks down the street again with all the cows behind him because it is milking time.  The man doesn’t have to stop.  The cows know where they live.  Each cow leaves the parade as they see their gates.  If the owner is there, the owner just opens up the gate and lets them in and milks them. However, if the owner isn’t there, the cow just stands in front of the gate and waits, sometimes hours into the dark, until the owner gets home.  They don’t leave. They just stand there waiting.

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When we were there, my youngest daughter was preschool age.  She loved the cow parade!! She would hear the mooing of the cows and get all excited!  “Vaca” is how you say “cow” in Romanian.  My daughter would start excitedly yelling, “Vaca! Moo! Vaca! Moo!”  She ran all over the house yelling “Vaca! Moo!” trying to get people to go with her.  She wanted to see “The Cow Parade!”  It was such a big deal to her!

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She drug as many people as she could to the front of the house where there was a wooden bench and had us all line up on the seat beside her to see the cow parade.  She couldn’t hardly contain herself she was so excited!  She was still yelling, “Vaca! Moo!” and pointing and smiling.  It was like a holiday for her twice a day when the cow parade came by.

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