Mexican Omelette, American South Western Food

My family is from the south western United States. They have been from that part of the U. S. for several generations.  As I have said before, I come from cowboys and Indians.  I guess you could say that this food is part of the my culture because my mother used to make it for my father.  It wasn’t something for the kids, but a special breakfast for my dad because he had to wake up very, very early to go to work, and she used to get up and make him nice breakfasts in the morning before he left.

My mother loved to cook, and my dad loved to eat.  It was a very symbiotic relationship. Couples look for things they have in common, and this is one big thing my parents had in common.  They got married as teenagers and remained married until old age.

I used to make Mexican omelettes too when I was a newlywed, and my husband worked the same job with my dad. I used to get up early and cook just like my mother trying to do the right thing.  However, as my kids grew, I stopped making omelettes still trying to do the right thing.   I raised my kids on oatmeal, cream of wheat and things like that in the morning because I considered them healthier. I tried to get my husband to slow down on the eggs because he ate too many eggs, and I was worried he would make his cholesterol go up.

I was in a discussion with my daughter and son in law the other day, and realized they had never even heard of a Mexican omelette.  I realized in my pursuit for health, I had not shared some of my daughter’s culture with her.  She was curious to know what they were like, so I made some Mexican omelettes today.  There is more than one way of making these, but this is how I made them.20190214_183629.jpg


I began by gathering my vegetables.  I got a sweet bell pepper, a couple of small tomatoes, and an onion.  I cut them up in little pieces.20190214_184557.jpg

I fried the onions a little first because my daughter and I both have trouble with onions.  I actually only used half an onion and cut the onion pieces as small as I could, and then I was frying the onions first to get them soft before I put the other vegetables in to fry.  We eat onions, but we keep them to a minimum to protect our stomachs, and I really don’t like onions that much, but I know they are healthy, so we eat them.20190214_185415.jpg


Next, I added the sweet bell pepper and the tomato pieces and fried them too.  While they were frying, I began grating the cheese.  I like to buy real cheese, not processed cheese because it is supposed to have more vitamins. I used Jack Cheddar cheese. I got out my eggs. I decided to use three eggs per person because I have a tendency to have trouble keeping the insides of an omelette inside the omelette, and I thought if I used three eggs per omelette, I might have better luck.  If you are good at turning these, two eggs is enough for one person because two eggs has as many vitamins as an 8 ounce piece of meat.

I put three eggs in a small bowl and mixed it around with a fork.


I turned the burner on medium low because I don’t want the outside of my omelettes to be overly cooked.20190214_185738.jpg

I put the frying pan on the fire and let it sit for a few minutes to heat the pan up.20190214_185831.jpg

I poured the eggs into the frying pan and let them spread out like a large pancake.  I waited a few minutes to let the eggs cook and get hard enough so that when I put the filling in, it wouldn’t just go right through the eggs, but stay inside.


When the eggs looked like they were getting solid on the bottom, but still soft on top, it was time to add the filling.


I started by adding grated cheese, putting it right in the middle.


After I added the cheese, I put the fried vegetables on the cheese.


Next, I began pushing the sides up over the filling.


Here, I am still pushing the sides up over the filling.


I pushed everything together and made sure everything was inside, then I turned it over.


I did it three times because there were three of us who were going to eat. My daughter enjoyed it. My son in law isn’t home from work yet.  I realized when I was eating mine that I used to make them for other people because they wanted them so badly, but I never actually ate one myself until today.  My mother made them for my dad, not for me, and I made them for others, but never ate one. I served them with tortillas on the side. It was good.

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