Unbelievably Good White Cake for Valentine’s Day

My daughter made a suggestion, and I took it. She thought I should make the same cake that I made for her wedding for Valentine’s Day.  At her wedding, it was an extremely popular cake!  When I ate a piece, I had to agree with all the people who were going on and on about how good the cake was.  It was the first time I had used that recipe, and it turned out marvelous!  I had changed the recipe like so many other recipes to try to make it better, and I had done the right thing. My daughter and Korean son in law didn’t get much of the cake at the reception like most newlyweds. However, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, and my daughter and Korean son in law will be getting this cake.

Here they are at their wedding reception with their wedding cake.  The cake I made today was from the same recipe, but not a wedding cake.
These are the two things that are different about this cake than other cakes, almond extract and a flour sifter.  I think these are what made it a better cake.
I began by turning the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
I sifted 2 1/8 cups of flour in a big mixing bowl.


I added 1 1/2 cups of sugar to the sifted flour.
I added 4 teaspoons of baking powder.

I began by sifting 2 1/8 cups of flour in a large mixing bowl.  I added 1 1/2 cups of sugar and 4 teaspoons of baking powder to the sifted flour.

I used a 1/2 cup measuring cup. I put some cooking butter in it and then topped it off with cooking oil. I added it to the sifted flour, sugar, and baking powder.
I added a cup of milk.
I used 1 teaspoon of almond flavoring.

Next, the recipe calls for 1/2 cup of shortening. However, shortening doesn’t exist in Korea, so I used a combination of cooking butter and cooking oil.  Next, I added 1 cup of milk, then 1 teaspoon of almond flavoring.

At this point, I mixed it all together, and it was thick like cookie dough, but I knew it wasn’t finished.
I separated 4 eggs, and then added the egg whites to the cake.

When I mixed everything together, it was thick, but it wasn’t finished. Next, I added 4 eggs whites.

You can use an electric mixer or a wire whip. The batter needs to be beat for 2 minutes. I took it as a time to take a little break and sat down and whipped it with a wire whip for 2 minutes, but I when I did the wedding cake, I used a mixer.
I rubbed cooking oil all over the bottom and up both sides of two pans.
I shook flour around in my pans so that it was sticking to the bottom and the sides of the pan.

Next, I greased and floured the pans.  If I were in America, I would use solid shortening to grease my pan, but there is no solid shortening here.  I used cooking oil to oil my pans and then floured them.

I filled both of my pans with cake batter.
I took a close shot of one of the pans as I was beating the bottom of it on the cabinet.  You can see that there are bubble coming up and other bubbles that have just popped. Getting rid of the air pockets will make your cake smoother.


After you fill you pans with cake batter, you will be thinking it is time to put them in the oven, but not yet.  You see, if you put them in the oven now, they could have air pockets and have tunnels in your cake.  The next step is to pick the cake pan up on each side and bang the bottom of the cake pan on the cabinet.  It causes all the air pockets to rise to the top in bubbles, and then break. It will prevent tunnels in your cake.

Next, I put the two pans with cake batter in them in the preheated oven. I let them cook for 30 minutes.  Half way through, I switched the places of my cakes because I was afraid one would brown and the other wouldn’t because my oven is small.  I wanted them both to cook the same. If you have a big oven, you don’t have to worry about this.

Next, I put the cake in the oven for 30 minutes, then I washed the dishes and took a short break until the cake came out of the oven.


After 30 minutes, I put a fork in the center of my cakes, and the fork came out clean, so I knew my cakes were finished. I didn’t leave them to cool in the pans because they could stick to the pans if I left them to cool there. I used to have cooling wracks, but I don’t have them anymore, but I took them out of the pans anyway.

I turned one cake upside down on a cake plate.
I took the pan off.

I took the cake plate and turned it upside down on one of the layers.  Next, I turned the cake upside down with the pan on top.  I took the pan off, and the cake was on the cake plate.

I took a regular plate and turned it upside down on the other layer.
I turned it upside down, and then took the pan off.

I put a plate upside down on the other layer of the cake. Next, I turned the pan upside down and put the bottom of the plate on the cabinet.  I took the pan off, and the other layer was on another plate.  I left both layers to cool on separate plates.

Next, I made the icing while the cake was cooling.

I put 3 cups of powdered sugar in a big mixing bowl.
I added 1/3 cup of soft cooking butter to the powdered sugar.
I used one of those egg yellows from the eggs I separated to make the cake and put it in the powdered sugar and butter.
I put a teaspoons and a half of almond flavoring in the powdered sugar, butter, and egg yolk.
I added 3 tablespoons of milk to the powdered sugar, butter, almond flavoring, and egg yolk.

I mixed up 3 cups of powdered sugar, 1/3 cup butter, 1 egg yolk, 1 1/2 teaspoons almond flavoring, and 3 tablespoons of milk.  When I was done, I had icing for my cake. However, my cake was still a little warm.  I had to wait. If you ice your cake took quickly, you will melt your icing, so I waited and went and ate lunch.

When my cake was cool, I got a glass of warm water and put a table knife in it. You always need a glass of warm water when you begin to ice a cake.  The warm water on the knife keeps the icing smoother.

I put some icing on the cake layer that was on the cake plate.
I smoothed the icing all over the cake layer.

First, I dolloped some icing on the cake that I put on the cake plate.  I used the wet knife and smoothed it all over the cake.  After that, I took the other layer and put it on the top of the layer I just put icing on

I put the other layer on the top of the first layer.

I put the second layer on the first layer of the cake.  I felt lucky because my cake wasn’t lopsided. If your cake layers look like the cake is going to be lopsided, you can fix it before you ice the cake.  If my cake looks like the layers rose unevenly and the cake will be lopsided, I take the layer that has a part that is thicker and just shave it off with a knife, then put the layer back on the cake, and it will set right and not be lopsided.  People don’t mind at all because they are already having a hard time waiting for the cake to be done, and if there are people with you when you are cooking, they will automatically be eating that part you cut off.  They always do when I bake a cake.  However, I was lucky this time and didn’t have to cut any of the cake off.

I dolloped some more icing on the top of the cake.
I used my wet knife and smoothed icing around on the sides of the cake.
I smoothed icing all over the top of the cake.

To finish icing my cake, I smoothed icing all over the sides of the cake, then all over the top of the cake. I used the wet knife to make it smoother.  My cake was finished, and my daughter will be happy.  Usually, when young couples get married, they don’t get a lot of cake at the reception.  They take the cake topper and put it in the freezer to eat on their first wedding anniversary.  However, it is not as good after being in the freezer for a year, and sometimes, the cake topper doesn’t make it that long.  My parents had a house in the woods they only went to sometimes and they left my cake topper in the freezer there after my wedding.  My brother decided to visit the house alone. He didn’t know about the cake topper, but he found cake in the freezer and decided he had hit the jackpot and ate the cake.  As for my daughter and her Korean husband, their cake topper was still there a year later, but it didn’t taste as good after being in the freezer for a year, and they didn’t get much cake at the reception. Now, they will have some of the same kind of cake for Valentine’s Day.



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