Valentines Day is Coming to Korea!

Koreans will tell you they are the most passionate of the Oriental races, and there is a possibility they are right.  When Americans talk about “Latin lovers,”  the Koreans are the “Latin lovers” of the Orient.  It doesn’t mean they sleep around. It just means that they are really into promoting the relationship between men and women.  I have seen more than one young Korean guy standing next to a girl in line trying to eat her ear.  In the elevator today, I almost took a picture thinking, “This is perfect for a Valentine’s Day blog,” because there was a young couple standing in the corner. She was wearing a coat, but he still opened his coat and wrapped it around her cuddling up to her.  However, I decided they may not want their picture taken, so I refrained.  The generation before this one in Korea had arranged marriages, and often, they married someone they had only met once. However, this younger generation is learning how to date.  My daughter and her Korean husband are the envy of all their friends because they married for love, and not because the parents told them they had to get married.  Koreans love to celebrate days dedicated to love.

There is lots of American candy for sale on Valentine’s Day in Korea.
There are also lots of packages of Korean candy for sale on Valentine’s Day.

Valentines Day is not the only day in Korea dedicated to love. Their calendars are full of days celebrating love.  My Korean son in law has an app on his phone that notifies him every time one of these holidays surfaces. He has a very romantic nature and wants to take part by doing something nice for my daughter every time.  I have already written a blog about Stick Day, November 11.  It is a day where the Koreans buy these sticks that are like pretzels covered or filled with chocolate, and they give them to people they love.  One month from now, on March 14, is White Day, and they say it in English too.  White Day is like a reverse Valentine’s Day.  On Valentine’s Day, the guys buy chocolate for the girls. On White Day, the girls buy chocolate for the guys.  I don’t have the app my Korean son in law has, so I don’t know when all of these days are, but Koreans have a very romantic nature and love to celebrate holidays of love like Valentine’s Day.

This is my son’s favorite candy for sale on Valentine’s Day.
Besides the candy, EMart was also very decorated with balloons. If you follow my blogs, this is the entrance to the place where they sold all the Lunar New Year’s gifts and the entrance to where all the Valentine’s candy is being sold now.

The Valentine’s display was big, several aisles long, and I couldn’t take a picture of all the Valentine’s candy.

They even had Valentine’s Candy at the check out line in case you forgot.

Today is Saturday which means it is shopping day for us and for many Koreans.  The streets and the stores were crowded, even more than usual.  A big part of that was because of all the Valentine’s candy being sold.  Besides candy, they are still Korean, and they were also selling oranges to give away on Valentine’s Day.  Koreans love to give away oranges from Jeju Island.  My Korean son in law always has a box of oranges he is eating in the house. When I was teaching, students and teachers alike were always handing me oranges. It is just something Koreans do. Besides these things, there were many Valentine’s sales today and special things for sale since on the first of March, all the kids have to go back to school.  Korean kids have been out of school since before Christmas.  They have a very long winter holiday.

Boxes of oranges from Jeju Island to give out on Valentine’s Day.  If you look on top, there are stickers you can attach to the orange to decorate it before you hand it to your friend.
There were lots of special Valentine’s Day sales. This one is in the makeup department.
If you have been following my blogs, just before Sol Nal, the Lunar New Year, this area was full of Sol Nal gifts and crowds of people buying them. On the day of Sol Nal, it was completely vacant.  Today, they had computers, back packs, and special school shoes for the kids going back to school the first of March.  (Yes, they have to change to special shoes here when they enter the school buildings. They don’t wear outside shoes in the school buildings.) Half of this area was Valentine’s candy, and the other half was school paraphernalia.

My daughter and I made an observation today that it seems like I am always blogging about what is happening over at EMart.  It is is because everyone here goes to EMart.  When you go into town, often there are traffic jams going into and out of EMart, and there was today.  We had to park clear up on the 5th floor of the parking garage today, and we thought we might have to go up to the 6th floor.  That is a measure of how many people were over there. On the day of Sol Nal, we were amazed because the parking garage was vacant even though the store was open just like it was crowded to the hilt just before Sol Nal and today.   EMart is like America’s Wal-Mart. Everyone goes there because it is convenient and cheap.  If something is going on, it happens at EMart in Korea, and right now, the Koreans are getting ready for the kids to go back to school and getting ready for Valentine’s Day, and it is very apparent at EMart.


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