A Ghost Town in Seoul, S. Korea on Sol Nal

My Korean son in law is calling it “D day.”  Everyone is gone!  They are either at Grandma and Grandpa’s house, at home napping, or watching a movie.  Most of them have actually left Seoul and gone to the country to visit relatives.  My daughter and her husband went across Seoul to have lunch with his parents today. When they were done visiting, they called me and said, “Meet us at E-Mart,” so I did.  Under normal traffic conditions, it takes at least 30 minutes to get to E-Mart from our house. This past week, it has taken longer because everyone was out shopping for Sol Nal. Today, the day of Sol-Nal, it only took me 20 minutes to get there.  There just were no cars. If I hadn’t been driving, I would have taken a picture to show you.

There were hardly any cars parked on the 3rd floor of the E-Mart parking lot today.


Around Chooseok, we went to E-Mart, and there was a traffic jam trying to get in.  A few days ago, when we went to E-mart, it was hard to get in the parking lot, hard to get a parking place, and hard to get out because there were so many cars.  The Sol Nal rush rush was on!  If we are lucky, on a normal basis, we try to park on the 3rd floor because the food court is there, but often end up on the 4th floor.  A few days ago, it was so crowded, I had to park up on the 5th floor, and it was still crowded even up there.  Today, I got a spot on the 3rd floor, and I have never seen the 3rd floor that vacant!

The food court a few days ago

The food court today was almost vacant.


We went into the food court, and there were so few people, I couldn’t believe it!  A few days ago, it was so crowded because Sol Nal was coming that you could hardly get a table.  People were standing by our table waiting to sit down as soon as we got up, but it was completely different today.  I got a table at the couches, and that is hard to do.


The shopping carts were all lined up.  Usually, people are busy getting them.  Sometimes, they are hard to get, but no one was getting them at all today.

The Sol Nal gifts being sold a few days ago.

This is the same area that just a few days ago was filled with Sol Nal gifts and browsing customers, but today, all the gifts and people were gone.

All the hanboks that were for sale for children were all gone, and there was hardly anyone shopping there today.  Where all the Sol Nal gifts were a few days ago was vacant.  All the gifts were gone, and all the people were gone.

If someone wanted to shop today, the aisles were vacant. No problem!
A few days ago, you couldn’t even get down the aisles.

A few days ago, you couldn’t even walk down an aisle because there were so many people shopping, but today, it was vacant.

In front of the checkout counter a few days ago


In front of the check out counters today

As we went to the check out counter, it was still amazing.  A few days ago, there was a huge crowd there and hard to get to the cash register, but we got checked out right away today.

As we drove home, it was strange. I really wished I could take my hands off the wheel and take a picture.  The very spot where there was so much traffic a few days ago that a taxi almost caused a wreck, there were no cars at all.  Seoul seems vacant.  People are either at Grandma and Grandpa’s house, taking a nap, or watching a movie.  Today, it is very strange in Seoul because I never see so few people out. It is like a ghost town.

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