A Korean Children’s Game

My daughter teaches at a private elementary school.  In her school, there is a game they let the youngest children play that teaches them to count.  I saw a group playing the game today at a church fellowship after school. It is called Har-ree-kar-ree.

This is the game box.

In this game, there are pictures of fruit on the cards. You pass out all the cards to all the players.  You have a bell in the middle.  You can’t look at your cards.  When it is your turn, you turn a card up.  When you see the same fruit five times, you ding the bell, and that round is over. The person who rang the bell gets all the cards from that round.  You play again and again until all the cards are finished, and the person with the most cards at the end wins.

They are playing the game.
The little girl just won that round. 

I watched a couple of kids and one of their mothers playing it today after church at a church fellowship.

I recorded them playing one round.  When they ring the bell, the round is over, and the person who rings that bells gets all the cards.  My daughter said it is like the Korean form of Slap Jack if you have ever played that.

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