A Japanese Origami Fish

I have been thinking about showing you this for a while, but life gets a little busy, and I don’t always get to do all the blogs I want to do as soon as I think of them.However, I had a few minutes today and decided to show you this fish.

Start with just a plain square piece of paper. I chose to use green because I have a tendency to color fish green when I draw them, but I know fish can come in many colors, so use whatever color you want.
I folded it in half to look like a triangle.
I unfolded the triangle because the fold I just made was to have that fold line as a guide. it wasn’t a permanent fold.
Next, I took the side and folded it up from the corner to meet the middle, fold
I also fold the other side the same way, to meet that middle fold line I made.
Next, I went to the other end of the paper and folded it to meet the middle fold line too.
I folded it on both sides so that the paper looked like a diamond.
Next, I needed to open it up and re-position the folds a little.
You can see a fold line in this one where I made a mistake I folded it like you fold the shark, but I realized it was wrong and unfolded it. After that, I pushed it to the middle instead of being glush with the top and bottom folds.  It did it on both sides.
Here is a closer view of what I did when I unfolded it on both sides and refolded it.  This will make the fins.
Next, I turned it over.
I picked the edge of it up and folded it up.
On the opposite end of where the fins are pointing, I folded the paper inside to make the nose blunt.  This will be the mouth. 
I caught ti by the other end where the tail will be and opened it up there too.
I pushed it up inside and let the tail go up out of the paper to fold it.
I drew the mouth, the eye, and the scales on the fins and the body of the fish. on both sides.

My fish is finished.  I put it on a lighter colored book so you could see it better.  It reminds me of a Japanese fish kite.  On Boy’s Day in Japan, they fly a fish kite outside their home for every boy in the house. The Japanese word for fish is sakana, and the fish that swim in their ponds that are usually more like gold fish are called coy.  If you go to the emperor’s palace in Tokyo, there is a huge mote around the castle, and it is filled with huge coy.  The coy grow according to the size of the place you keep them. The little gold fish in your fish bowls are the same kind of fish as the huge coy that swim around the emperor’s palace in Japan. They grow according to the size of the pond or fish bowl where they live.



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