A Korean Sol Nal Gift

My daughter received a Korean Sol Nal gift today from her boss.  She works at a Christian school at CTS, Christian Television Station.  If you go into the CTS building and walk into the area where the stairs are, they have a huge picture of my daughter.  They put her on TV sometimes on TV commercials for their school.  Right now, there is a shake up in her school. They just changed principals, and several teachers followed the old principal to a new school.  However, she is still at CTS, and they gave her a gift today for Sol Nal, the Korean Lunar New Year.

This is a picture of my daughter’s gift. If you look where it says “CTS,” the Korean word after that is “international.”  In the brown strip, it says “Man Jon seaweed gift set.”  “Man Jon” is the company name.

If someone gave you a bunch of seaweed as a gift, what would you do with it? Luckily, we can use seaweed.  My kids like to eat seaweed like they eat potato chips.  When my youngest son comes to visit, one of the first things he likes to do is go to the grocery store and find his favorite type of seaweed to snack on.   I also cut it up and sprinkle it on top of Japanese food.

There are several packages in the box that look like this.

I could also make some gimbab or ongninidi.  Gimbab is a kind of Korean food.  Gimbab is a kind of Korean food that is initially made into a long roll.  They put things like scrambled eggs, yellow pickles, and seafood inside.  Next, they put rice, and then the make it into a long roll with seaweed on the outside.  Ongninidi is a Japanese rice ball.  They take dried fish, tuna, or Japanese dried plums and put soy sauce or mayonaise on them and insert them into a rice ball with chop sticks, and then close up the rice and wrap seaweed around it.

A close up of the seaweed

If you go into any Korean convenience store, you can buy gimbab or samgachi cheap.  Samgachi is basically the same thing as ongninidi. They can be in triangles or just in a big ball either in Korea or Japan.  In Korea, you have to be really careful because they may be full of kimchee, and sometimes they make the rice completely spicy.  You can buy the ongninidi in Japanese convenience stores.  If you are out away from the house in either country, it is a cheap way to eat lunch.  A Japanese friend taught me to make ongninidi a long time ago, and sometimes, I make it. Gimbab looks kind of like sushi, but it is not raw fish, and sushi has vinegared rice, but gimbab has just plain white rice. I prefer gimbab to sushi.

I am sorry for the quality of this picture. It didn’t turn out well, but it says, “Sehe bok manee batooseyo.”  That means “Please receive a lot of good fortune on New Years.”  

Anyway, we received a gift of seaweed, and it may not be an appropriate gift for many foreigners, but we know how to use it.  If you are watching Korean TV, turn to CTS. It is one of Korea’s Christian Television Stations.  They may run a commercial they made with my daughter in it.  Happy Sol Nal! Sehe bok manee batooseyo!

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