Japanese Origami Bunny Rabbit

My daughter volunteered to do another origami for us, this time a bunny rabbit.  She wondered if we should wait until Easter to do it, but we decided to go ahead with it.  Remember this blog when Easter comes in case you want to make it then. Here is what she did.

She took a completely square piece of pink paper and folded it in half.
She folded it the other direction so it looked like a square.
She took the top layer of square and opened it up.
She pushed it down so that the top layer was no longer a square, but a triangle.
She turned it over and did the same thing on the other side.
She took one side of the triangle and folded it up so that it looked like this.
She folded the other side to the middle to meet it. The two of them together look like a diamond.
She folded each side of the diamond toward the middle.
She took the top of one side of the diamond and pushed it inside of the pocket she made when she folded the side of the diamond toward the middle.
She did the same thing with the other side of the diamond.
She turned it over and took one side and folded it up to look like this.
She folded up the other side to look the same way.
She took those two flaps and folded them back like this.

The point is the nose.  She picked up the rabbit and blew into the nose like you blow into a balloon.

It filled out, and I drew eyes and whiskers on it. It is finished. 
A shot of the bunny rabbit from the side view



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