What Should You Do When the Neighbors Smell Your Apartment Up?

I have had a crazy day!  I woke up this morning to a terrible paint smell! The neighbors were painting their apartment.  I had to get out of my room right away!  I went to the living room and ate my breakfast because the smell wasn’t as bad in there as my bedroom or the kitchen.  I decided to take a shower and wash my hair, and when I got out of the shower, I realized the smell was getting worse and it was causing me to have a headache, be dizzy, and jittery. I felt like I was being poisoned.  I had to get out of my apartment!  I quickly got dressed and ran out the door without makeup and with wet hair even though it is winter time.  A cold head would be better than that apartment!  It felt like those paint fumes would kill me!  I spent all day long away from the house.

I went and got gas for my car.  I got my car washed.  I dropped by McDonald’s to eat lunch because it was the cheapest place I could think of.  I had brought books with me. It wouldn’t have done any good to take my computer because I need to use it at home to get internet.  My computer is a lap top, but the frame has gotten messed up somehow, and I if I move it, it falls apart, so I leave it in one place.

My Bibles and art tablet.

The books I brought were an English Bible, a Korean Bible, and an art tablet. When I teach Bible classes, I go through a chapter in the Bible drawing pictures of what I read.  I draw comic strips.  Since I am teaching a Bible class in Korean now, I needed the Korean Bible because if I don’t know a word when I begin making the characters in my art tablet speak and don’t know the word in Korean, I can usually find it in the Korean Bible.  It helps with my spelling of Korean too.

Inside the parking garage

I drove to Lotte Mall and parked my car in the parking garage.  I thought about just sitting there and reading and drawing, but it was too dark.  I turned the light on inside my car and put makeup on that was in my purse.  By that time, my hair was dry, and I was going to just have to put up with whatever style it dried into.  I took my Bibles and drawing tablet into the mall.  I found a quiet place where I could sit, read, and draw, but after a bit, it got cold and the seat got hard, so I decided to change places.

I went to another place where there was a couch in the hallway outside a bathroom.  There was a little more traffic, but the couch was warmer and more comfortable than where I was.  I sat there reading and drawing.  Along came a Korean father pushing a baby carriage.  He let the toddler out of the carriage at the drinking fountain to get a drink and spoke to the toddler in English.  I knew the toddler couldn’t speak English. He was showing off his English just because I was there.  I just ignored him and kept reading and drawing.

He was eating chicken curry and nan, the Indian bread.
She was eating a kind of curry made with spinach and cheese with nan.
This is my spinach and cheese curry.
This is the nan.

After a few hours, my daughter called, and she was off work. He had received my message telling her what happened. and was on her way.  When she came, we discussed the problem.  Her husband works at the mall, but he had to work until 11:00 that night. However, he got off long enough to eat dinner with us.  It doesn’t matter where you eat at the mall. All the restaurants are expensive.  My daughter wanted her husband to try to Indian curry we ate last week when we went out with the group of ladies, so we all went to the Indian curry restaurant. It was delicious!

We were afraid we were going to have to sleep in a hotel and didn’t want to pay for it. We began discussing other options.  My son in law suggested to call the church and sleep in one of their classrooms.  There are no beds there, and my daughter and I weren’t really into the idea.  We knew that all the Korean apartments were just too small, so no one would have a guest room. My daughter suggested I call Mariana, my Romanian friend, and sleep on her couch, but if I did that, my daughter and son in law wouldn’t have anywhere to stay because her apartment wasn’t big enough for all of us to stay there. My son in law suggested calling our friend, Hanul, but Hanul lives with her parents.   However, we have an American friend, Malcom Parsley, who lives in an American house he built himself.  I had heard he had a guest room, so I called him.  He has as guest room, but it is winter, and there is no heat there.  My daughter said she couldn’t sleep where there was no heat.  My son in law then suggested we go to a late movie because they are cheaper than hotels and start about 12:00 at night, and we could stay in the movies until late. Partying all night wouldn’t bother him, but we were tired.  We talked about sleeping in the car.   We finally decided to try to find a cheap motel.

My daughter set jars of vinegar around the house.

My son in law went back to work, and my daughter and I went home. If we were going to stay in a hotel, we would need clothes.  We were hoping to get lucky. We were hoping when we got home, the smell would have miraculously left.  When we got home, the smell was still there, but it was less.  We decided to try to get the smell out of the house.  My daughter set out vinegar in cups that stank all on its own saying it would absorb the odor.  She also set out baking soda in cups.  I suggested we use scented candles, and she said it was dangerous.  I suggested we boil cinnamon in water on the stove, and she agreed to that one.  All our efforts paid off.  We got enough of the smell out of the house to sleep at home this evening!

I was too tired to blog by the time we got the apartment livable.  I fell asleep, then I woke up and wrote a blog about Romania.  I have made an origami wale, so I think I will blog about that next for you.  I really hope the neighbors don’t come back and paint more tomorrow.

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