A Japanese Origami Paper Box

Yesterday, when I was making the origami boat to show you how to make a boat, my daughter said, “Oh, what Fun!”  I told her that I thought a lot of little kids would enjoy their parents or grandparents making those for them to play with in the bath.  She said everyone likes origami regardless of what age because it is just fun!  Here is something else just for fun:  A paper box.

You start by folding your piece of square paper in half.
Then, you fold it in half again.
Next, unfold it because you were folding it because you need those fold lines as guide lines.
Push your paper up like this.  You are going to be matching two fold lines together, the one that is on the book on the left, and the one in the middle of the paper standing up.
When you match them up, push them down, and do the same thing on both sides so that there is a double flap on either side of your square.
Next, fold the top flap on both sides in at the corners toward the middle.
Turn it over and do the same thing on the other side.
Next, open up one of those corners that you folded over, then push it down and fold it that way.
Do the same thing on both sides, then turn it over and to it to the other side too.

I did the same thing to the to the other side.

Next, take those pockets you just made and fold them half on the outside and half on the inside. do the same thing on both sides.
In this picture, I have just folded half the pocket into the inside, what I told you I did in the last picture.
Next, fold the top flap of paper from the top down.
Turn your paper over. You can see where I have folded this pockets half inside too.
Fold the top flap on this side down too.
Fold it lengthwise twice so that the other two flaps are showing, then push them down too.
Push a flap up and fold it down inside the box leaving a lip at the top.
Next, take the corner of that flap that is inside the box and fold it back over the top to the outside like this.  Do that on all four sides.  Crease the sides well so they stay in place.
Push the bottom part out so it is shaped like a box.
Now, you have a cute little box.

I said on the origami paper cup that they could be used to put party favors in, but these could too.  A table all set for a party with one of these at each place with mints and nuts or whatever else you want to give your guests would be very nice. Use your imagination of what you could do with it. Have fun! 🙂






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