Making Gummy Bears

Today, my daughter made gummy bears.  She is the candy maker in the house.  I was surprised at Christmas that she didn’t make any candy, but I didn’t mind because we were both making cookies, and we made a cookie house together we began eating on Christmas day that was delicious.  She found a kit for making gummy bears, and she saw there was a candy mold in it, and she wanted it, so she bought it.  Her husband saw that it was for making gummy bears, and he asked her to make the gummy bears because he loves gummy bears.  Today, she used the box mix to make the gummy bears and took pictures for us so you could see what she did

This is the front of her box.
Here is the back of the box that gives directions.
This is what was in her box: a candy mold (the reason she bought it), an eye dropper, a flavor package, and a gelatin package.
She put 1/3 cup of water in a small microwaveable bowl.


First, she added the flavor package.
Next, she added the gelatin package.
She mixed it all together. (That surface isn’t hot.  She is working on the top of our oven. If you remember, I have said that we don’t have much cabinet space because we live in a small Korean apartment.)

Her recipe wasn’t very big, so she used a small microwaveable bowl.  Next she put 1/3 cup of water in the bowl. Next, she put gelatin powder and flavoring in the bowl.  Each package was about 2 inches square. She didn’t make it from scratch. What she used was a mix.  She mixed it all together.

She put it in the microwave for thirty seconds.
She took it out of the microwave and mixed it again.
She used an eye dropper to take the liquid out of the bowl.
She used the eye dropper to fill each hole in her candy mold.
Half way through filling up the mold, she had to mix it again.

Next, she put it in the microwave for 30 seconds.  After she took it out of the microwave, she mixed it again.  Next, she used an eye dropper and dropped the liquid into each one of the molds. Half way through, she stopped and stirred the liquid again because the gelatin kept trying to go to the bottom.

She filled the whole candy mold and put it in the fridge.

Next, she put the filled candy mold in the fridge. It was supposed to only take 15 minutes in the fridge, but we were busy. We went shopping, and when we came back, she took it out of the fridge, and it was finished.

These are her finished gummy bears.

She had gummy bears. I tried one of her gummy bears, and it was like slightly hard tart jello.  You can’t buy a jello mix in  Korea, so the Koreans won’t know any different. I told her to leave it out of the fridge and see if it would hold its shape, so she did.  An hour later, we went back and checked, and the bears held their shape outside of the fridge.  The box mix called them gummy bears, but they were not exactly like the gummy bears you buy in the store, but good enough to make her Korean husband who loves candy happy.


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