Children’s Sol Nal Hanboks are at E-Mart

Every time a big holiday comes, you can find children’s hanboks for sale at E-Mart. They aren’t there all the time, but just before major holidays, they show up.  I did a blog for you about them when they came at Chuseok, and they are back, but they are slightly different because it is winter time.

The manikin doesn’t have a head, but they have displayed the hat anyway because they know the parents will be looking to keep their little ones warm.
The hats are sold in packages.

There are hats to go with the hanboks.  It is winter, and the weather is colder, so these children will need fancy hats to go with their fancy clothes.

This fake fur vest will keep some little kids warm.
This beautiful vest is fur lined. 
These little fur capes are adorable.

There are fur vests hanging on the clothes wrack.  This will keep the kids warm. They even put fur on a purse.  If you don’t have a fur vest, there are also pink fur capes for the little girls.

There are also longer capes. Everyone must stay warm.
Many are like the ones they were selling before Chuseok, but they have given you more options to keep your kids warm while they are dressed up because of the season.
Like always, there are outfits for boys and girls both.

The hanboks are very similar to the ones that were there just before Chuseok, but they have definitely kept the winter in mind.

The mothers are taking advantage of it because they know it is buy it now or miss out because after Sol Nal, these hanboks will be put away again and no longer be for sale.

The mothers are busy trying to make sure their little ones are not left out.  Part of what Sol Nal is all about is dressing in traditional Korean clothing, and children look forward to their fancy new outfits and dressing up.


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