Singing All Evening in Korea!

In a blog long past, I told you about the Korean nore bang.  This evening, we went to another Korean nore bang.  “Nore bang” means singing room.  Hanul, Mariana, Danny, my daughter, my son in law, and I all went to the nore bang.  It is really hard to tell you how much fun one of these places are!  It is something you need to experience for yourself to truly understand.

Here is a picture of he front desk as we entered.
We had a table in the middle of the room to hold the books, the microphones, and our drinks.  You decide who comes in your room, and you decide the kind of drinks that will be served. You don’t have to put up with drunks or cigarette smoke because you control your room.

It is not like singing karaoke in America.  In America, you have to go somewhere where there is a lot of drunk people to sing with a microphone on stage in front of people you don’t know, and when you see it on TV, it seems that many people get drunk to try to get the courage to get up on stage. However, that is not the kind of place a nore bang is at all.

This is the sign that was in front of the building. It says “Nore Bang,” and under that it says “2 jung.” It means “Song room” and “2nd floor.”

At a nore bang, you rent a small room by the hour that has a karaoke machine.  You decide who will be allowed to come into that room with you. You take only your friends with you. You can sing by yourself in front of them with a microphone if you want. The whole group can sing together if they want. A couple of you can sing a duet if you want.  If you really don’t feel like singing, it is also fun to just sit and watch and listen to the others.

We choose our songs from a book. Each song has a number by it, and we must enter that number to get that song on the karaoke machine.

My son in law told everyone he was tired from work this evening, so he was just going to sit, watch, and listen, but before the evening was out, he couldn’t help himself. He really wanted to sing and began singing with the rest of us.  It is just a group of friends having fun together.

This is the remote for the karaoke machine.  You enter the number of your song on the number pad, then you either push the blue number on the right of he 0 which says “shijak” meaning “begin” or you push the number below it that says “yeyak” which means “reserve” or “appointment.”  If you use the “yeyak” button, you can put several songs in ahead of time. The other blue button says “juiso” which means “cancel,” just in case you make a mistake. Those are the only buttons you really need to know to operate this machine.

When Hanul comes with us to the nore bang, everyone is amazed because she is so good.  When she was in high school, she trained and was going to become a K-Pop singer, but she got stage fright and decided not to do it, but she is extremely good.


Here is a short video of when my daughter was singing “Living la visa Loca” (a crazy song that makes us all laugh).  All of these clips had to be short because there just isn’t enough space on my phone to video them singing every song.


This evening, Danny, Mariana’s husband, decided he was Elvis Presley, and every time he got the microphone, he would make his voice really deep and say “Thank you. Thank you very much!”  the was Elvis Presley did.  We were all just goofing around and having fun.


This is a very funny song that several people were taking turns singing.  I didn’t get the funny lyrics in, but the say something like, “I decided to do something stupid, so I think I will marry you.”  One of my daughter’s friends actually had someone sing it at her wedding.

I like to sing either really silly songs or foreign language songs, and people are so used to me doing it, they request I sing certain songs. The foreign language songs I sang this evening were “Dragostei din Tei” (a Romanian song), “La Bamba” (a Spanish song), and then I added “Michelle” by the Beatles because it is half French.  Mariana sang “Dragostei din Tei” with me. They all tried singing “La Bamba” with me because I have it on a CD in my car and I listened to it over and over trying to learn it, and they all learned it and enjoy singing it.  I think the French was too hard for them to read because I sang “Michelle” alone.  I sang several other songs, and my voice was starting to give out toward the end, and my daughter put in “Eres tu” (a Spanish song) wanting me to sing it. I was going to quit, but I went ahead and sang it.  I always have to sing “Dancing Queen” by Abba for them because they all love it when I sing it. If I don’t think of it first, someone else always thinks of it for me to sing.

Danny and Mariana were looking through the books trying to find songs to sing.  You can’t see Mariana because she was hiding from the camera all evening.

When you sing, the machine rates you. I kept getting consistently very high scores, never lower than a 96%, and then I got my first 100% for the evening, and they all said, “Blog about it!”  There were two of us who got 100%, Danny and I.  I got it on a couple of songs.  I was happy to be doing well this evening, but as I said, my voice gave out at the end.  I decided I had to sing something from Oklahoma, so I sang “Okie from Muskokee,” everyone was really enjoying it when my throat went crazy. I was almost at the end of the song, so I just handed the microphone to my daughter and let her finish it. I still scored a 99% on it.


My daughter and son in law were singing this one together.   They sing in Korean and English both together, and they have a lot of fun together.


We often sang together this evening.  The second to the last song was a Queen song, “Bohemian Rhapsody.”  My daughter put it in, and we were surprised that some of he others had never heard it, but they loved it, and everyone laughed all the way through. My daughter and I sang it together. To finish it all off,  they put in an Abba song for us all to sing together. Since the “Mama Mia” movies, everyone over here has learned lots of Abba songs.


I finally found one with Hanul in it.  She is singing in a second language, and you can tell her English is as good as her Korean.

We had a blast!  I have often thought that maybe America needs nore bangs, but the problem in America is they aren’t used to things like this and don’t understand them.  They think to get up and sing with a microphone, it is very embarrassing and haven’t learned to just let their hair down and have fun.  I am sure if they learned about it and got comfortable with it, they would have a blast like we do.  All my video clips were really short just to give you a bit of a taste of what we were doing.  We were having so much fun we did this for several hours.  I might have had videos of more people singing, but I ran out of storage room on my phone, so I had to quit filming.  I have heard they have rooms like this in Florida, but I really think the rest of America needs them too because if people learned about them, they would have a blast!



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