Girl’s Dinner Out at Agra

This evening, I met a group of ladies at the mall. We decided to meet, and then decide on a good place to have dinner together. Our little group consisted of my daughter, Hanul (my Korean friend), Mariana (my Romanian friend), and me.  We had several suggestions, and we finally all agreed on Agra, and Indian curry restaurant.

I had eaten Indian curry a few times before, but it was the first time for some of them.  When they suggested curry, they actually thought of Korean curry, but they couldn’t remember where the restaurant was, so I suggested Agra.  I had been to Agra over in Itaewon and enjoyed it, and there is an Agra in the mall, so we went there.

When I went to Agra in Itaewon, the waiter was from India. However, at this Agra, we had a Korean girl waiting on us.  She tried to get in the spirit of things by putting a gem on her forehead between her eyes.  We decided that she was actually a pain in the neck. We had already decided what we wanted and kept trying to order, and we were getting hungry, but she kept trying to talk us out of what we ordered and was recommending other things.  She told Hanul they were cheaper, but they weren’t.  She confused things so badly that she left the table, waited on someone else, and then came back to us.  When she came back, she began trying to confuse things again, but we finally got through to her and ordered what we wanted.

This is what the salad looked like when they brought it to us.  The white salad dressing in the middle was sweet. You can see the white thing on the spatula under the leave. It is nan. There was nan with the sweet dressing on it under the salad.

Our food was fantastic!  Hanul and my daughter decided to get some sort of combination plate that had curry, nan (Indian bread), salad, rice, and chicken.  Their salad arrived first, and there was nan under the salad.  Hanul insisted that everyone eat he salad with her and Winter because she wanted everyone to try.  The salad was great.

Hanul ordered some kind of traditional Indian yogurt drink.  It was made with liquid yogurt, sugar, mango, and spices.
The green stuff in the dish is mine.  It was spinach curry with little pieces of white cheese in it. It was downright delicious!!  The orange stuff was my daughter and Hanul’s curry. It was a little spicy, but they said it was good.  Mariana’s curry looked like my daughter and Hanul’s, but it was a different kind, and hers wasn’t spicy.
Here is Hanul and my daughter’s chicken. You can see the black olives and chick peas on it. There were also black olives and chick peas in the salad.
Here is a picture of the nan, the bread. It is almost like a flour tortilla, but it has a long piece attached to one side.

I actually took two pictures of Mariana’s curry, but I can’t show them to you because she decided she didn’t want any pictures of her in this blog, and both the pictures of her curry have her face in them.

This is how you eat the curry. You pinch a piece of the nan off, and then you dip it into the curry with your fingers, and eat without silverware.  It is extremely delicious!

The four of us sat there and talked and talked and talked. We were actually surprised when we were finished that we had spent so much time talking.  The four of us are great friends.

There was a picture on one of the walls of the cook making the nan.  They don’t cook it in a pan like we do tortillas.  They make the dough, and then they put them down inside on the sides of a kind of round oven sticking them to the inside sides of the oven.

I already knew how the nan was made because my Bangladeshi buddies have cooked for us.  They made nan and explained how it was made.  Bangladesh used to be part of India.

Here is my daughter enjoying herself. They brought us some tea in a pitcher, and the tea was unusual but good.
I got a shot of some of the decor for you to show you they were making an effort to bring a taste of India even in the decor.
This is a shot of the front of our menu.

We all really enjoyed our dinner at Agra, and we enjoyed getting caught up with one another. My son in law was at work, and Mariana’s husband was at work, but they joined us after dinner, then we continued our evening of fun and went to a place we could sing our hearts out all evening. We had a blast, and the next blog will be about how we continued the evening.




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