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Making Origami Paper Flowers

There are  lots of ways to make origami paper flowers. However, they can get complicated.  Here is an origami flower I learned to make a long time ago that is less complicated than the others. Spring time is coming, and you may want to use these to decorate with in the spring time.

To make a flower, start with one piece of pretty paper that is completely square.
Fold the paper in half.
Next, fold the paper in half again.
Take the top layer and fold it over in the middle.
Open the piece up that you just folded over.
Push it down and fold it so that it looks like this.
Turn the paper over and pull up the top layer and do the same thing on the other side.
Open it up and push it down like you did on the other side.
Next you want to pull those two edges that are folded together away from one another because you just began two petals, and you want four petals.  In order to do this, open your paper up, and you can see fold lines going up to each corner.  Pull the top layer of the paper and fold it back along those lines, then make sure the folds you made to already start those other petals are back in place.
This is what it will look like after you separate the petals in the middle.
Fold back the top layer along the center fold that goes up to the corner of the paper, so it looks like this.
Open it up like you did the other petals.
Push it down and crease the edges.
Turn the paper over.
Fold it back, open it up, and push it down like you did the other one.
Fold the top layer along the middle line that runs to the corner of the paper.
Take the corner of the petal and fold it back to touch the middle line that runs to the corner of the paper.
Do the same thing on the other side of the petal.  Fold the corner of the petal in to the center line.
Fold the paper over on the center line.
Fold it on the center line again so that it looks like this.
Fold those two corners to the center fold again.
Just keep folding on the center line and folding the corners in until it looks like this.
Take the top part of the petal and fold it back toward the bottom part of the flower.
Just keep folding the flower on the middle fold that goes toward the corner of the paper and the bottom of the flower again and again and folding the petals down. You will have four petals.
Here I have one more petal to fold down.
All the petals have been folded down.
Put your finger down in the middle of the flower and open it up, then pull you petals up.
You could even make more and attach them to pipe cleaners or whatever other imaginative thing you can think of to use a stems and put them in a vase.

If you don’t have flowers growing in your yard, there is no reason you can’t have flowers. You can make them.  These are the easiest kind of origami flowers I learned to make, and I like them.  I hope you like them too.



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