An Origami Paper Star

If you have done origami from my blog before, you will know that origami is a Japanese word. It means the art of paper fold. Paper was actually invented in China, and then they sent it to Japan and Korea.  China and Korea fold paper too, but not as fancy as the Japanese.  In fact, sometimes, Koreans ask me to teach them origami that I learned in Japan.  My daughter was elementary school age the last time I lived in Japan, and she was just picking up the culture right and left. She was speaking Japanese without any lessons, just from playing with the kids.  She was also learning lots of origami.  This paper star is something she learned, and she did it for us so I could show it to you. I have made this star before, but she is much better at it, so I let her do it for you.

To begin with, you will need two pieces of square paper that are the same size.  If you can get origami paper, that is good. If you can’t get origami paper, you probably have some Christmas wrapping paper left, and you can cut it into equal squares to do this.

First, she folded the paper in half, and then she opened it again.
Next, she took one edge and folded it toward the center so that the edge was flush with the middle fold in the paper.
Next, she folded the other side to the middle too.
Next, she folded it over again on that middle fold.
She folded the second piece of paper the same way and then put them end to end laying the same way.
Next, she folded them so there was a triangle on each end. She made sure everything was opposite.  One one, the triangle was folded opposite at each end, and on the other, the triangles were exactly opposite of what they were on the first one.
Next, she took one of the papers and folded it over so that the side of the paper is flush with the triangle that she just folded. She did it at both ends.
She did the same thing to both pieces of paper.
She folded both ends of the paper. Both pieces of paper should look like this.
This is what it looks like on the other side.
She laid on on the other crossing in the middle, then she took one of the triangles and folded it over and tucked it into a pocket on the other piece of paper. Look at the left, front, and you will see where she put the end of it into the pocket.
Go to the other side and poke the point of the triangle in the pocket on that side too.
Now, you movie to the other piece of paper where you haven’t poked anything in yet.  Fold it over on the triangle and poke it into the pocket on the other piece of paper.
This is what it looked like with three of the points of the triangles poked into a pocket.


Poke the last triangle into the last pocket, and the star is finished.

The star is finished.  It is a ninja star, the kind they throw at people as a weapon, but it is made out of paper, so it wouldn’t hurt anyone.  Like the Japanese paper ball and paper bird I showed you, this would also make a nice Christmas tree decoration.  It seems kind of complicated, but if you work at it, you can figure it out. I was doing it alone, and I was worried that I was doing it wrong, but when my daughter came home, I learned that I was right.  I know it seems strange when you put it together, and you will be wondering if you are putting it together right, and you probably will be.  Just remember that practice makes perfect.


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