VIP’S, One of Korea’s Most Popular Steak Restaurants

In America, a VIP is a “very important person.” Perhaps the makers of VIP’s knew that, but the Korean people don’t call it “Very Important Person’s.”  They call it VIP’s.  It is a steak restaurant here in Korea, a very popular steak restaurant.  I haven’t been to VIP’s many times because my daughter much prefers Outback Steak House, but a steak house is a steak house to me.  My son in law’s dad was wanting to celebrate, so he insisted that we all go to VIP’s this evening to celebrate my son in law’s masters.

A shot of the people getting their food at the salad bar

VIP’S is a huge restaurant. It is also an extremely busy restaurant.  The main dinning area is so big I couldn’t quite get a picture of it all, so I opted out for taking a picture of the people walking around the salad bar. VIP’S has the nicest salad bar I have been to in Korea.  It is more than salad. It is also a food bar.  There are several smaller rooms in the back that are the size of regular restaurants.  Every bit of VIP’s was packed this evening when we went there.

We all ordered the same steak and the salad bar.  We ordered our steak well-done, but we are still in Korea, and they have no idea what well-done is, and all the steak was either pink or red with blood oozing out of it when they brought it.  We have given up. Koreans are going to cook steak how they are going to cook it.  It is all sirloin steak, and I was actually looking at the menu this evening thinking, “These people are really missing out because they don’t serve chicken fried stead anywhere.”

This is my son in law’s plate from the salad bar. It doesn’t look like salad to me.  The black thing in the middle is a bread roll with squid ink in it. I also see some pieces of fried chicken.
This is my son in law’s brother’s plate from the salad bar. It is actually salad.
This is my son in law’s father’s plate from the salad bar.  I see shrimp on it beside salad. As I said, it isn’t just salad at the salad bar.
This is my plate from the salad bar.  I didn’t finish the pizza because it was too spicy.  There are a couple of won tons on my plate, and when others saw them, they went back and filled their plates with won tons.  I also had broccoli soup my daughter brought me because she and I both like it.  I didn’t eat the guacamole because it had too many onions.  They call it a salad bar, but I am convinced it is a food bar.
This is my daughter’s plate from the salad bar: salad, fruit, fried chicken, broccoli soup, and two macaroons.  Macaroons? They are desert. They called it a salad bar, but it was not a salad bar.

After we ordered, we went to the salad bar.  As I said, there was much more there than salad.  When we were about done with our plates from the salad bar, they showed up with our steaks.

All of us ordered the same steak.  That steak is nice and thick, but I wondered what was on the baked potato.  Whatever was on that baked potato tasted so bad to me that I couldn’t finish my baked potato.  The price of a steak like this is 15,000 won without the salad bar. I don’t know how much they payed for the salad bar.  15,000 won is approximately $15.00.


We ordered well-done. This is what my steak looked like when I cut into it. Do you think that is well-done?  Mine was pink, and my daughter’s steak was red inside. However, the steak tasted great anyway. Maybe I am getting adapted to not eating it well done since Koreans don’t seem to know how to make it that way.


This is where it got funny!  This guy ate, and ate, and ate! We were all amazed at how much he could eat. When the rest of us were done, he was still eating.  When I was eating my steak slowly, he had his eye on my steak hoping I wouldn’t finish it. Finally, I told him I had enough, and I gave him a little less than half of my steak.  I told him on my blog I was going to write about how much he ate, and he thought it was really funny!  This is my son in law’s older brother.

This guy, my son in law’s father, was chowing down too.  After he had everything everyone else had, he went back for raw fish, then Vietnamese noodle soup,  and then pat bean soo, a special Korean desert.  You have to really wonder where these guys keep all their food.
While we were eating, I heard a noise and went to the next room to see what it was. These guys were singing happy birthday to a little girl.
Here is my desert plate, chocolate cake, some sort of really good tasting pudding, two small pieces of cheese cake, and a miniature chocolate cup cake with green tea icing and a piece of red candy on top. This was from the “salad bar.”
This is my son in law’s dad’s desert plate.  On the side, you can see he picked up pumpkin soup and accidentally dropped a macaroon in it.
This is the pat bean soo my son in law’s dad ate.  It is crushed ice, ice cream, sweet beans, pieces of rice cake, and soy bean powder on top.  This is a very traditional way of making pat bean soo. I love pat bean soo, but I didn’t know it was there, and was just too full to go back and get some, but my son in law’s dad and brother just kept chowing down, as my dad would have said.
After a while, my daughter and I were tired and just waiting while these guys were eating and eating and eating! We just can’t eat as much as these guys could.
After desert, my son in law went and got some ice cream and tried to feed it to my daughter unsuccessfully. She was just too full and refused to eat.
My son in law ate his ice cream himself.

We all had a good time at VIP’S.  The guys just flat pigged out!  I ate more than I usually eat, but it was nothing compared to what the eating champs were eating. They would have made my dad proud!

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