Just For the Ladies: Taking Care of Scratchy Feet

This seems like a really funny blog to me, but I decided to go ahead and do it because when I first came to Korea, I had a friend who didn’t seem to know anything about taking care of herself.  A group of us ladies actually had a slumber party as adults, and I taught my friend to manicure her toenails and fingernails, and she takes much better care of her hands and feet now. I didn’t know about the foot mask then, but I am glad that I have discovered it, so I decided to share it with other ladies because it is helpful. If you go to get a professional pedicure here in Korea, they don’t do anything like this for you. They just concentrate on the toenails, but I am concerned about my whole foot, not just how pretty my toenails are.

I don’t know what happened because when I was in high school and my older sister insisted she had to use a pumice stone on her feet, I never had a problem. In fact, for many years, I never had a problem, but I do now.  If I don’t do something every so often to take care of my feet, they turn into claws.  I know many others have the same problem because there are all kinds of products to try to help the problem.  I have a special file for my feet I use often, and it makes me think about the horse groomer who took care of our horse filing the horse’s hooves. ;).

At Christmas, my daughter and son in law decided to buy me something to take care of my feet.  I have used a foot mask before, but never this brand.  I have had special foot cream before, but never this brand. Since Christmas, I have been too busy until now to worry about it because I am one of those people that wakes up every morning thinking about what I can accomplish with the time I have, and I accomplish until I sit down and usually blog or drop off to sleep. I can’t just watch TV without doing anything. I have to be busy while I am sitting, or I sleep.  However, my feet are headed for claw ville, so I better do something about them, so it is time to use my Christmas gifts.

I began with the foot mask.

The foot mask
I cut it open.
There were two plastic folded up things inside of it.
When I opened them up, they were each in the shape of a foot.  There are chemicals inside of these plastic socks.  I had to cut the top of the sock to open it.
I put them on m feet.
There was a thing connected to them that peeled off and was sticky underneath.
I peeled the thing off, and I wrapped the band around the top of the plastic sock and made sure that the chemicals inside the plastic sock couldn’t get out.
I did it for both feet, and then had to wait for an hour.  I watched TV on my computer and played with my phone so I wouldn’t go to sleep.  It never happened when I did this before, but my feet were almost burning.

After an hour, I went to the bathroom and washed my feet, and then I dried them and went back to my room.

Next, I am going to use the foot cream they gave me.
I put some on my hand to rub all over my feet. My feet already feel softer, but I know that I need to put the cream on them to neutralize any negative effects the foot mask might have had.
After I put cream on both of my feet, I put spa socks on that a friend gave me a few years ago for Christmas.

I am going to leave the spa socks on all night and take them off in the morning. My feet already feel softer and less dry.  Leaving the cream on them all night will make them even better. I feel like the claws are gone, and my feet will be even softer in the morning. 🙂 I had never used one of these foot masks til I came to Korea. I don’t even know if they exist in America, but they probably do. When I used the other foot masks, my feet kind of peeled for a few days after, and the hard part came off.  I am not sure what to expect since I haven’t used this brand before, but I will see in the morning, and my feet will be soft for a while.


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