Knitted Baby Booties for a New Born Baby

I had wonderful news this morning!.  My older daughter has had her baby!  He came early, so I wasn’t really prepared. I thought I would get Christmas over, and then think about making something nice for the baby that was coming.  However, when I opened my e-mail this morning, I learned that Kenji was born on December 28th.  He and his mother are fine. When his older sister, Chieko, was born, those of us in the family who live in Korea put together a “Welcome to this World Box” for her full of all kinds of gifts.  We plan to do the same for Kenji.  Soon after I read my email, I decided that I should sit down and make a pair of baby booties for Kenji.

Keni, my new grandson
I cast on 10 stitches on each of three double pointed needles.

To do this, I had to have two sets of double pointed knitting needles.  I used two different colors of yarn, white and navy blue.  I began with white and cast on ten stitches on each needle.  I knitted all the way around all three needles. I ribbed for an inch and a half in white, and then ribbed in an inch and a half in navy blue.  The ribbing consisted of knit a row, knit two pearl two for a row, knit a row, etc.

I had a white stripe and a blue stripe, and then I began knitting just on one needle instead of all three.

After I had a white stripe and a blue stripe in ribbing, I connected the white yarn again.  I knitted for about 1/2 of an inch in white.  When you are knitting around in a circle, it comes out like you are knitting a row pearling a row if you are doing it straight back and forth.  The outside will look very finished.

I ribbed a white stripe, then a blue stripe, then I just knitted 1/2 inch, then I knitted back and forth on one needle, a white stripe, and a blue stripe.

After knitting 1/2 inch in white, I put 15 stitches on one needle, and worked only on that one one needle. I continued using white for another inch. this time, I was knitting a row, pearling a row since I am knitting back and forth, and not around on all the needles.  Next, I changed to navy blue again.  I knit a row, pearled a row for one inch.

I changed to white again and picked up 7 stitches on each side of the piece I had just knitted.  I knitted all the way around in white.

Next, I changed back to white yarn.  I picked up seven stitches on each side of the piece I had just knitted. The piece I just knitted will be the top of the foot.  I needled more needles now because I ended up with four needles to go all the way around.  I had 15 stitches on one needle, 7 on the next, 10 on the next, and 7 on the last one.  I knitted around and around for an inch with white.

Next. I changed to navy blue again.  I knitted around and around for another inch.

After I knitted a white stripe, then I knitted a blue stripe. Next, I turned the work inside out. This is tricky because the stitches will be easily lost, so be very careful.

Next, I needed to put all the stitches on two needles.  The end of the needles would be at the front of the toes and the other end at the heel.  The needles will be side by side.  Make sure you have the same amount of stitches on each needle.

The next part is a little tricky because you don’t want to drop any stitches, but it would be easy to drop them, so be careful.  I pushed all the stitches to one end of the needle with both needles, one at a time, and I turned the booty inside out so I would be knitting inside of the booty.

I used one needle and knitted one stitch from one needle and the next stitch from the other needle, then back to knit a stitch from the first needle, then the second needle, etc., all the way across to close the bottom of the booty. I cast the stitches on that row off.
The first booty
Next, I made the second booty.

Next, I knitted every other stitch on to another needle to join the bottom of the booty.  After that, all the stitches were on one needle.  Next, I cast off.  The booty was finished, and then I made a second one. This is Kenji’s first gift.


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