Going to a Foreigner’s Book Store on New Year’s Eve

Yesterday, New Year’s Eve, was such a busy day that I didn’t finish telling you about everything we did yet.  After writing two blogs, we had to leave go to to a friend’s house for New Year’s Eve, and I will write a blog about that too. However, where I left you with my last blog was getting off the subway in Noksapyeong, a subway stop away from Itaewon, so my daughter could show me a second book shop full of foreign books I hadn’t seen.

We found the entrance to the foot bridge to cross the road down by the elevator for the subway.
On the bridge.
We looked off the bridge and could see the entrance to Itaewon.
At the end of the bridge, we turned left.
We could see the subway station across the way.


After we came out of the subway, we found the entrance to the bridge so we could cross the street.  When we were on the bridge, we could look down and see the entrance to the main street of Itaewon, where all the foreigners go in Korea.  If we had thought about it, we were actually close enough to walk to where we were from Itaewon.  On the other side of the bridge, instead of going right to Itaewon, we went left to go to the book shop.

We just kept walking straight until we found the book shop.


The book shop was small and crowded with books all over the sidewalk in front of it under an awning.

We just kept walking, and we saw a big sign that said “Book” in English, and in smaller Korean Letters, it said “wey-gook check” which means “foreign book.”  When we arrived at the shop, it looked small, but crowded, and there were books all over the sidewalk under and awning in front of the shop.

There were lots of Bibles and books related to the Bile on the left hand side in front of the book shop.
More Bibles and Bible story books
There were lots of great children’s books. If I were teaching children right now, I would be coming here for books for sure!

We stopped to look at the books, and there was a big section of children’s books on the right hand side and a big section of Christian books on the left hand side.  Among the children’s books, we could see all kinds of good ones like Dr. Suess books, Curious George books, and even Madeline.  I used to read Dr. Suess books and Curious George books too my younger sister growing up and then later to my own kids, and used to read Madeline books to myself when I was small.  On the left hand side, there were Bibles in all kinds of languages:  English, Spanish, French, Tagalog (a Filipino language), etc.  My daughter told me that this is where she found the Bible written in Romanian she bought not long ago.  There were also children’s Bible story books and Bible study help books.  Any foreign Christian in Korea needs to check this book store out because they have lots of good things.

Here is a wonderful set of children’s books I found.
The first thing I saw as I entered the shop was lots of travel books.

We went on inside the shop, and it was very small and crowded.  The bookshelves were close together, and the bookshelves could also be moved and you could find more books behind them.  Initially, I saw lots of travel books in English from all kinds of countries in front of me as I walked in. On the right hand side, they had all kinds of classic literature in English.  When I went further, I saw all kinds of self help books, even books on being pregnant. As I continued around, I began seeing language books from different countries.

On the right hand side as you enter, there are lots books with classic literature in English.

After I toured through there, I went back the other way because there was a doorway to go where there were more books between the self help books and the classic literature in English.  As I went through the doorway, I saw a big bunch of Lady Bird Reading books, a very good set of books originally made for teaching reading, but that also really help in studying English as a second language.

There were lots of maps which are always helpful for foreigners.

I just kept touring through the books. There were all kinds of modern novels I hadn’t read.  There were magazine and maps.  There was another door to another bunch of books, but it was chained off so no one could go back there. My daughter told me when she came there before, the chain wasn’t there, and people were allowed to go back there.  I peeked in, and it was full of text books of all kinds in English.

There were lots of magazines in English.
All of the bookshelves were close together overflowing with books.  They seemed to try to fit as many books as they could in as small a space as the could.  Look toward the top, and you can see books for learning foreign languages.

It was interesting to know it was there, and I thought about many friends in Korea who might like to know it was there.  I know people who probably could benefit from the reading series, from a Bible in their own language, from the Bible story books, and from the other children’s books. I know lots of English teachers in Korea like to read, and they would love all the classic and modern novels.

I took this picture in the subway on my way back.  According to a Korean teacher who teaches with my daughter, this guy is very popular among Koreans.  My daughter speaks Korean like no other foreigner.  She is level six in Korean, and very, very few foreigners every make it that high in Korean, and the Korean teacher says this guy is level six too, and people claim he is the only one in Korea, but they don’t know about my daughter.  My daughter’s vocabulary in Korean is off the charts!  She reads novels and surfs the internet in Korean.  The Koreans also think this guy is good looking.  He is small, has white skin, and big eyes.  That is the definition of good looking in Korea.

We went outside and back across the bride, then back to the subway to go back to Itaewon where we got ice cream before we went to our car and went home.  Our New Year’s Day wasn’t finished, but this particular outing was.

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