New Year’s Eve Lunch

At our house, there just are not as many people as there used to be, and on many days, it is just my daughter and I now a days.  Today, New Year’s Eve, it is just her and I because her husband is at work.  We didn’t fix a New Year’s Eve meal.  We decided to go out for lunch and go to a place we hardly go, but like, because we had time.  We decided to drive over to Itaewon to have lunch.  We saw lots of Ka-bob restaurants, and we like them, and they were tempting, but we decided they would wait until another time because we had come for Dairy Queen.  We are Americans, and we like to eat the international foods, but we also like American food, and we don’t get Dairy Queen that often because it isn’t close to our house.



When we went in, the first thing that hit me was the ice cream cakes inside the front door.  They were Christmas cakes, and they were very pretty!  I loved to see the sign that they were 50% off.  Christmas is gone, and it is New Year’s Eve, and they feel the need to sell those cakes.

We saw that Dairy Queen has a new kind of Blizzard with pecans in it.  I wanted to try it because I when I lived in Texas, I used eat pecan praline ice cream and love it. Pecans were everywhere in Texas. Many people just walk into their yards and find them.  At our recycling business we had in Texas, people used to pick all the pecans up, bag them, and sell them to us so we could sell them to a larger company.  When I saw the Blizzard with pecans in it, I wanted one, but I knew I needed to eat lunch first.20181231_145349.jpg

My daughter and I both decided to eat fried chicken and fries.  I was wishing I was in Texas or Oklahoma where they would give me gravy with it, but the only sauces were barbecue or sweet and sour sauce, so I forwent the sauce.  I am always bothered at this Dairy Queen because they don’t have Coca Cola Zero, but I put up with it because I like Dairy Queen, and we drank sugary drinks.



Our chicken baskets had so much chicken that we couldn’t finish it all, so we decided to go to a book store, let our lunch settle, and then come back for ice cream before we went home.  When we came back, I got the Blizzard with pecans in it, and it was good. My daughter got a Strawberry Cheesecake Blizzard.  When I saw what she ordered, I was thinking, “Oh my! It is just too bad that I can’t eat two deserts!”  I thought strawberry Cheese Cake Blizzard sounded really good. However, she said when she got it that it was not cheese cake. The only connection to cheese was that it had chunks of cheese in the Blizzard.  I really enjoyed the Blizzard with pecans in it, so I knew I had made the right choice She said her blizzard was good, but there was no cheesecake.

We also bought Dilly Bars at Dairy Queen to bring home to eat later. 🙂

Our New Year’s isn’t over.  I will tell you about our subway ride and the book shop in another bog.  But also, after, we came home, I have been napping. Next, we are going to a Romanian friend’s house.  We like to play games with her, and she is a great cook. She is going to get some of our Christmas cookies.  We are celebrating New Years, and it has just gotten started.

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