A Ride in the Subway on New Year’s Eve

Today, we took the subway from Itaewon to Napyeon to see a second hand bookstore.  As we were going into the subway, I realized I had shown everyone a subway on my blog, but I had never taken them down inside the subway, so I decided to take you guys with me.  Itaewon is the place all the foreigners go in Korea. It is in the middle of Seoul.  Napyeon is one stop away from Itaewon.  We knew there would be no parking place by the bookstore, so we decided to leave our car at Itaewon and go to Napyeon by subway.

The Itaewon subway station is not one of the newest subway stations in Seoul, so there are lots of stairs at the entrance.  This is exit 3 in the middle of Itaewon.
When we got inside, we had to go to a machine to buy a subway ticket. There is an English option on the machines, and they are easy to use.
Here is the subway ticket we bought.
Since I was moving my card, this picture turned out funny, but before we can actually go where the subways are, I had to scan by card.
When we got inside, we had to stand to one side to go down into the subway because sometimes there are people who are in a hurry, and you are supposed to leave part of the escalator free forthem to run if they need to.
When we reached the bottom of the escalators, we saw a Christmas tree.
The the bottom of the escalators, there were stairs going down to the tracks. Stairs are why I don’t use the subway much.  I can walk, but stairs are really hard for me because my legs just don’t function well.
When you get down to the tracks, there are trains going both ways, and today, there were lots of people.  You have to look at the maps and see which train is going to the subway stop you want to go to.  We went on the subway on the left to Napyeong from Itaewon.
This is what you must find to figure out which platform your train comes on.  If you look under the Korean, the names of the subway stations are also written in English.  

When we got among the people like this, there were so many foreigners today!  We were at Itaewon, and as I keep saying, that is where all the foreigners go.  I saw a group of Africans talking and laughing loudly, and I have no idea what language they were speaking. My daughter said she heard someone behind her speaking Japanese.  There were women with headscarves and veils, Muslims.  It is isn’t common to see a Muslim in Korea.

Here is a foreign girl inside the subway checking her phone out.  Many people didn’t have seats inside the subway like this girl. That is another reason I would rather go by car, but sometimes, the subway is just easier.
We got off the subway just after one stop at Napyeon, then it was time to go up the escalators to go out.


It is time to scan the ticket again.  If you look beyond the turn style where you scan your card, you can see a Korean flag.


After the turn style, we have to go up an escalator again. There seem to be escalators everywhere in this subway station, and don’t look down if you are afraid of heights because it is a long way down.  I looked down and got a strange feeling, and I am not even afraid of heights.


There are escalators going everywhere!
We found the right exit.



Light at the end of the tunnel.  Finally, this escalator takes us out of the subway.
When we got out of the subway, we were on a big busy street.  There was no crosswalk, and if you can see the foot bridge in this photo, we are going to have to figure out the entrance to the footbridge to cross the street.  We found the entrance down by the elevator that goes down into the subway.

I took you down inside with me, and now we are leaving the subway.  Our New Year’s Even isn’t over, but for those of you who have never ridden the subway, I thought you would find this interesting. I used to ride in the subway everyday when I first came to Korea, but I began having leg problems, and the doctors told me to stay out of the subways, so I only ride the subway occasionally now and usually go in my car. However, there are some places in Korea that is just isn’t convenient to go there by car.  We were on our way to a second had book shop full of foreign books that not many of our foreign friends know about.  Next, I will show you how to find the the book shop and the book shop itself.

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