Everyone is Still Eating Christmas Cookies!

Here in Korea, cookies are extremely popular!  Koreans love cookies!  However, they have a big problem.  Korean homes don’t have ovens, and they don’t know how to make cookies. They have a big business selling cookies. If you go to the grocery stores in Korea, there are lots of different kinds of store bought cookies for sale, and they do a much better job than other countries with store bought cookies. I have seen Japanese visit Korea and want to go to the grocery store before they left to load up on Korean store bought cookies.  When I was teaching at KCU, I always brought homemade cookies for the students on holidays, and it made me very popular.  At one Freshman orientation, they were introducing all the professors to the new students, and when they came to me, someone yelled, “Cookies!”  They all know I bake cookies, and they love it!

We put our plastic container of cookies close to the door so people could get them as they were coming and going.

At Christmas time, often, I bake cookies and take them to church and give them out too. My daughter has gotten used to this is what we do, and she loves the tradition.  However, we made the cookies this year, but hadn’t gotten them to the church building yet.  We didn’t bring them the Sunday before Christmas because we weren’t quite finished, and we didn’t bring them on Christmas Day when they all assembled for a special Christmas worship because we were at home opening our Christmas gifts as a family which is the American tradition on Christmas.  However, today, we did bring the Christmas cookies.

Joseph enjoying his cookies.

As usual, my friend, Joseph was making jokes about the cookies. He kept talking about how much Koreans like cookies. He began saying, “We need to spell the word Korea with a “C” instead of a “K” because “c” begins cookies! Coreans love cookies!”  He pointed out to me that Korea is the old name for Korea, and in the beginning, it was spelled with a “C,” and they really needed to go back to that spelling because Koreans are people who love cookies!

Hamin enjoying his cookies.
Hamin wanted his picture taken again.
My daughter was passing the cookies around, and the preacher was really ready to get his.
Hanul actually got her cookie first because she sits next to us during worship every Sunday.
Hyunjeong was enjoying her cookie.
Maya was smart enough to worry about the recipe because she was enjoying them.

The whole church was really enjoying the cookies!  Hamin, the little boy who has been my buddy since he was born was really getting into the cookies.  He was having fun posing for me when I was taking pictures of him eating cookies. Yes, we are still eating Christmas cookies here in Korea.

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