Aqua Man

We went to see the new Aqua Man movie this evening.  My Korean son in law really likes super hero movies, so we don’t seem to miss any of them.  The Aqua Man movie is a conglomeration of ancient myths complied with technology, water, violence, and romance with a little more thrown in.

The actor who played Aqua Man under the water with his hair floating around in the water.

To begin with, Aqua Man himself is constantly called “half breed,” and he seems to be a half breed in more than one way.  His father is from the land, and his mother is from the sea.  His father looks like an American Indian, and his mother looks like a Norse Woman.  Aqua Man can live on water or land, and he has dark brown hair with a kind of golden tint, green eyes, and his skin is not pink nor really dark.  He looks the part of a half breed. I had a student from Mexico where most of the population is a mixture of American Indians and Spaniards, and the student made the observation that he had never met anyone with green eyes who was not of mixed race between European and American Indian.  My dad had green eyes, and I have two kids with green eyes. Green eyes are just not that common, but they seem to run in my family. My daughter who has green eyes is convinced she has green eyes because she is of mixed race, and so, a very good American (I think she is right). When the actor who plays Aqua Man speaks, you can tell he is very American. (At times, he also needs his mouth washed out with soap, and he is the only one in the movie who speaks like that, but he is not a complete potty mouth.)

Aqua Man’s mother

Everyone realizes that Atlantis is a legendary city that sank into the sea many, many years ago.  Aqua Man’s mother is supposed to be the queen of Atlantis, and his father is a light house keeper.  Of course, their love is supposed to be forbidden, but they love one another anyway, and have a baby.  Forbidden love always spices up a story.  However, their’s is not the only romance.  The other romance is Aqua Man and the princess betrothed to marry his brother.  Of course, another forbidden love.

Aqua Man and the princess of Atlantis

The other legend found in this movie is the legend of King Arthur.  Aqua Man’s name is none other than Arthur.  The throne of Atlantis is under dispute because Arthur grew up on land with his dad, and his brother is sitting on the throne, but Arthur is the oldest.  The only way to know who the true king of Atlantis is is for one of them to get a legendary trident that only the true king of Atlantis can get, just like Excalibur in the King Arthur legend.

The pirate all done up in his technological gear

Any time you have a story about the sea, you must also include pirates. However, the pirates in this movie don’t look like the pirates that we are used to.  It is supposed to be modern day, and Atlantis’ technology is higher than the technology of the people of the land.  Aqua Man’s brother hires a pirate for gold coins, and that pirate happens to hate Aqua Man.  This causes even more violence, brothers fighting for the throne as well as a pirate trying to kill Aqua Man.

julius caesar marble statue
Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com

With all this, Aqua Man must find the trident that is like Excalibur.  This takes him to a place that looks like Greece or Italy. Initially, where he goes looks like the island from Mama Mia.  Aqua Man stands among the ruins of Greek and Roman statues looking for the statue who was a king.  Do you know who Romulus and Remus were?  That is a very interesting story of how Rome was founded, and they find the statue of Romulus.  There are several old stories in this movie.

photography of whale tail in body of water
Photo by Daniel Ross on Pexels.com

There is another story that shows up in this movie. At first, I thought it was the story of Jonah. However, later, the princess finds a story book of Pinocchio. Who knows? Perhaps they were pointing to both stories or pointing only to Pinocchio.  Yes, Aqua Man is saved by a whale.

rocks near body of water
Photo by Ray Bilcliff on Pexels.com
the princess of Atlantis

Before the movie, we picked up a flier about the movie. It was all in Korean, and I was struggling trying to read it. My Korean son in law decided to try to help me.  He began saying that Aqua Man was very powerful because he could live on land or in the sea.  He said Aqua Man was more powerful than Superman, and my daughter shut him down.  She said it was boring to be more powerful than Superman.  She told us that when Superman was popular, he had become so powerful that nothing could beat him, and it made people lose interest because they always knew that Superman would win at the end, and the number of people buying Superman comics was declining. That is when they introduced kryptonite.  When they introduced kryptonite, the Superman comics began selling again.  She was looking for Aqua Man’s flaws because she said without them, he would be boring. Heroes must overcome and conquer regardless of the odds against them.  Aqua Man can bleed.  He can get hurt. He is not a man of steel even if he is strong, smart, able to talk to fish, and can breathe both on land and in water.  However, he seems to heal really fast.  The princess from Atlantis wrapped seaweed around the places he was hurt, and that seemed to help him a lot.

action bus city costume
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A surprise actor shows up too, but I don’t know his name. He was a bad guy on Spider Man, but is just the opposite in this movie. He isn’t a villain. He isn’t a hero, but he is a good guy.  All future kings need someone who will teach them and show them how to get along, and Aqua Man has just that growing up. His mother sends a man from Atlantis’ king’s court to teach Arthur, Aqua Man, just as the original Merlin taught the original King Arthur, but the teacher in this movie is not a wizard.  There is no magic in this movie, but royalty of Atlantis have some pretty awesome powers that neither the common Atlantis citizens nor the common land dwellers have.

the picture on the elevator door as we were leaving the theater

To top everything off, when you think people die in this movie, they don’t. I won’t tell you who, but one important person doesn’t die, and it gives the movie a romantic ending.  Also, one pirate who doesn’t die shows back up at the end of the movie still hating Aqua Man and plotting more violence against him.  This only tells me one thing, they have left it open ended for a reason.  This is a way to leave way for a sequel. Is the movie good enough for a sequel?  Maybe. It isn’t a bad movie. It is good. However, I like super hero movies, but they are not my favorite genre like they are my son in law’s.


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