Christmas and a Birthday at the Kong Hang Church of Christ in Korea

I go to church every Sunday.  This morning, I got a couple of nice surprises at church.  They had a special program for Christmas as well as a birthday.  This particular church always celebrates birthdays.  They consider themselves a family and try hard to look after everyone in the church.



The first nice thing they did was bring all the kids to the front of the worship.  Ha Min, a little boy I have known since he was born, began by reciting a Bible verse for everyone. He is the oldest in the group and did it all by himself. After I video taped him, I turned my camera off, but I should have kept it on because all the little kids then repeated what Ha Min just said in unison.  (The name Ha Min means God’s person in English.)



After the kids were done, they invited a group of ladies to the front. All the ladies were wearing reindeer headbands.  They sang Christmas carols for us.  I seem to have cut off some of the ladies’ heads in the beginning of the video, but if you keep watching, you can see their faces.  These ladies from left to right are Professor So (A Chinese professor from KCU), Hyeongjeong (Ha Min’s mother), Unyong, Maya, Mrs. Jang, and Mrs. Kim (the preacher’s wife).  Some of these ladies are some of my best friends in Korea.



When the ladies were done, they invited my son in law to the front.  He insisted my daughter go with him.  They had a birthday cake for him because he had a recent birthday.  Again, I turned the camera off to early because I didn’t realize they were going to give him a gift.

Ha Min getting his gift.
The preacher is handing out Christmas presents.  You have seen Hanul on my blog before, and that is Hanul’s Bible in the photo. Hanul sits next to me every Sunday morning.  If you want to see pictures of her, look back at when we went to Chyeongbuk Palace for Cheoseok and when she made kimchee bacon bokenbop at my house.  I did blogs on both of these.
I got a picture of John, the little boy, with his gift, but he was too busy thinking about everyone else getting gifts. His dad, Joseph, is one of my best friends in Japan, and you can see him in the  right top corner.  Joseph likes to call me John’s American grandmother.  In the background, you can see Joo Pil taking pictures too. Joo Pil is another one of my best friends in Korea. Joseph and Joo Pil both studied Theology in American universities and run English schools in Korea.  They are both preacher’s sons who also preach.  Joo Pil is Ha Min’s dad and Hyungjeong’s husband.  Joseph is Maya’s husband and Unyeong’s brother. Hyunjeong, Maya, and Unyeong were some of the ladies singing in the video above.

After they were finished singing happy birthday to my son in law, next, the preacher got a bag a gifts.  They called all the kids to the front of the worship assembly.  He gave out Christmas presents to all the kids.  The kids were ecstatic!

All the kids took their presents and ran back to their parents and to the nursery, and then we went on with services as normal with the preacher preaching about the glory of God.  Everyone had a special time today. 🙂 Merry Christmas!

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