What Will Korean Kids Get From Santa?

To begin with, Korean kids are some of the most spoiled kids in the world.  Their parents love them so much that many are not disciplined but just constantly showered with gifts.   Korean parents have an overwhelming soft spot for their kids. If you go into a Korean home that has children, you may be amazed at how many toys the kids have. At the local E-Mart, they set up a special display of toys on a different floor from where toys are usually sold to make it easier for the parents to find a nice toy to give to their little sweethearts for Christmas.  I went around and took some pictures of the display today to show you what kind of things are available just especially for Christmas at E-Mart.

My daughter just had to show me this one!  This is an arm wrestling game, and the two who are arm wrestling are Kim Jeong Un and Barrack Obama.
The blue game in the middle is called “Blue Marble.”  It is a Korean form of Monopoly,. It is the same game, but with all Korean names with everything written in Korean. We have a copy of it at home, and we used to play it trying to practice Korean.
This is a “Go Fish” game all in English to teach the kids English.
I have told you about this guy before.  It is a penguin named Pororo.  There is a Korean TV show for kids with this guy, and it is a very popular toy. There were several Pororo toys available.
A Korean police car with Pororo on the side



Here are Snow White, Frozen, and Rapunzel dolls, but there were no Barbie dolls. They will have to go to Toys R Us at Lotte Mall if they want a Barbie.

There were lots of cars for the boys including Hot Wheels.


Here you have a Power Ranger and some dinosaurs. There were lots of super hero toys for the boys.



There must always also be baby dolls and stuffed toys for kids.

There were lots of different kinds of guns for the boys.


There were doll houses, play kitchens, play make up, etc. for the girls.


This is some sort of flying machine.

I couldn’t take a picture of everything, but as you can see, there are lots of toys around for Santa to bring to the Korean kids, and they will get their toys.  One year, a young mother from church told me she wasn’t going to put a tree because she just didn’t feel like it, and there were three small kids at her house.  There was no sign of Christmas at her house, and I felt bad for her kids.  However, her husband didn’t let it slide. He dressed up like Santa Claus on Christmas Eve and brought a bag full of toys for his kids. He surprised them all!  More Koreans will dress up than decorate for Christmas, and the kids will always get their toys in Korea.

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