Another Fun Trip to the Korean Hair Shop

I went to the local hair shop again today. I had been waiting because a modeling agent asked me to wait.  She kept thinking she was going to get me a job modeling with white hair, and she wanted me to wait to have my hair done because she had a client who wanted someone with white hair, and I was willing to let them make my hair white because I am 63 years old, but a Korean lady got the job.  This modeling agent wants to make me into a grandma model.  It is kind of funny, but if she can do it, I am game.  She said more jobs will come, but in the meantime, she says to keep my hair dark because people like me with dark hair.  I think they should like me with dark hair because that is the color God gave me, and I consider God an artist. He knew what he was doing when he made each of us.  I truly like people with their natural color of hair that God gave them.  Here in Korea, I go ahead and try to keep my hair dark because it is the Korean way, and I have always had dark hair.  Here in Korea, even the men keep their hair dark as they get older.  I had a good time at the hair shop today as usual.20181218_151732.jpg

The lady at the hair shop can only be called jolly. She is always laughing.  People drop in on her just to visit, not only to get their hair done because everyone seems to like her.  The last time I went down there, the whole shop was crowded with people, and she was the center of attention laughing and joking. Today, there were fewer people, but there was one lady sitting on the couch that I could tell had dropped in just to visit with the lady who owns the hair shop.

Today while she was doing my hair, we watched TV. She always has her TV going.  We laughed and talked about what was on TV. I usually watch Net Flix at my house, but when I go there, I watch Korean TV.  Sometimes we watch a Korean drama, but today they were playing a show that is very normal to be on TV in Korea.  There was a group of foreign girls, and they were following the girls all over town with a camera.  Koreans like to make these kinds of shows.20181218_151539.jpg

I am not sure exactly where the girls in the show were from, but they looked like emancipated Arab women from their coloring and features.  They spoke their first language occasionally, but the sound was so low when they spoke their first language that I couldn’t tell what language it was.  If the girls tried to speak Korean or English, the TV people made it so we could hear.  They spoke Korean very funny!  They could hardly speak Korean, and when they tried, they mixed it with English.20181218_151546.jpg

The show took them to a restaurant trying to order, and one of the girls said something in Korean so funny that we only had to laugh, and the lady at the hair shop told me she was glad I spoke Korean much better than those girls.  She said those girls are only on TV because they are pretty because they can’t do anything.  That is normal in Korea. The girls were even stumbling through trying to use chopsticks, and they were funny.

They also took the girls to a dog cafe.  You don’t eat dogs at a dog cafe.  Koreans all live in apartments, and hardly anyone has a dog, but they like to play with dogs.  If they have a dog in Korea, they are miniature things they can carry in their purses.  At a dog cafe, you go to just spend time with the dogs, and they had some very pretty, well groomed dogs at the dog cafe.  I learned that my hair dresser thinks dogs stink.  She says they are pretty, but they smell terrible and she doesn’t want to go anywhere near them.  We we just laughing all the way through the show.

I realized in the selfies I took that my hair looked darker than what it really is, probably because it is winter and overcast outside.

She finally got done with my hair.  Hair dressers in Korea love my hair because it looks like Korean hair, but it is slightly naturally curly.  The first year I was in Korea, I was at a hair shop, and the lady doing my hair just played and laughed all the way through blowing my hair dry because she was so amused by the curl in my hair.  Today was no different.  I could tell the lady doing my hair was completely delighted with my hair. The lady waiting to get her hair done kept talking about how pretty my hair was.  The lady doing my hair let her know I didn’t have a perm, but it was natural, and they loved it!

You can see the jolly hairdresser through the window.

As I went out of the hair shop, I decided since it was another good time, I would tell you guys about it. I took a couple of pictures of the TV, then a couple of pictures of the shop from outside, and some selfies of my hair for you to see what kind of job the lady did.  I may never become a grandma model, and I am not as pretty as I used to be, but this lady at the hair shop does a good job with a smile.

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