A Walk in a Beautiful Frozen Park in Seoul, S. Korea

Today, I took a walk in the park in Bangwha dong not far from Bangwha subway station.  I have been there several times with friends and family, and always thought I should take pictures and show it to you guys, but I was busy and hadn’t done it.  I especially like this park because it has lots of interesting buildings.  There are lots of parks in Seoul.  This park has all the things the other parks have plus interesting buildings.  There are many wooded areas in Seoul with walking paths.  Hiking is Korea’s favorite past time.  In many of these wooded areas, you can find exercise equipment because Koreans are die hard exercisers, but you can’t always find the other things you find in this park.  I decided to go down there today and just take pictures of all the interesting things to show you.

The sign at the entrance to the park
These guys were sitting right down on the frozen ground talking.
There was still someone playing basketball.

At the entrance where I usually enter, there is a big basketball court that is usually full of people playing basketball. I actually thought because it is so cold out that I wouldn’t find anyone playing basketball.  However, there were people there playing, and even two sitting on the cold pavement visiting!  The ground is frozen! I couldn’t believe these guys were sitting there visiting!

the hanoak with the thatched roof
The traditional kitchen at one end of the hanoak

Also close to the basketball court, there is a traditional Korean building built like a hanoak with a thatched roof.  At one end of the building, there is an outdoor old fashioned Korean kitchen.  When women cooked in these kinds of kitchens, the smoke from the fire was routed under the floor of the hanoak, and the warm smoke heated the floors of the hanoak.

the gazebo
some statues beyond the gazebo




Inside one of the open buildings with a thatched roof, there are lots of animals woven from straw.

From time to time, there are beautiful walls lining the path. The flowers on the tiles look like mugunwha, the perennial Korean flower.
This picture was on the side of the hanoak at the entrance. They are wearing traditional Korean clothing except the guy in red.  The men are wearing traditional professor’s hats.
This picture was also on the hanoak at the entrance. You can see those animals woven out of straw here. The Korean writing is talking about a culture class.  Perhaps these people took a culture class and wove the animals in the class.  Only one is wearing a professor’s hat, so he probably taught them.

As I kept walking, I came upon a gazebo.  Close to the gazebo, there was another building with a thatched roof I have looked inside before that is full of animals woven out of straw, and I often wondered what these animals were in there for.  However, when I passed back by the hanoak by the basketball court, I saw some pictures on the side of the hanoak that showed them with the animals in the pictures.

The playground equipment was roped off, and no one was allowed to enter there. Maybe they were trying to stop the people from letting their kids play out when it is so cold out.
There was exercise equipment next to the playground equipment.  The playground equipment was roped off with a rope telling everyone not to enter, but you could get to the exercise equipment.


I walked on down the path. The playground equipment was roped off. Maybe they decided it was too cold and no one should bring their kids here.  Next to the playground equipment, there was exercise equipment for the adults.

There was more exercise equipment on the other side of the foot bridge.
I tried to get a shot of the woman exercising as I walked over the foot bridge. I wanted to get a picture of her from the back, but she was quick and swung around and made the picture funny.
There was a group of old men sitting playing a game in the cold. You can see the frozen snow on the ground. They must want to play badly.
These are game piece from the game the men were playing in the park.  We have a copy of this game at home, but I don’t know how to play it.

I walked over a small bridge. On the other side of the bridge, there was more exercise equipment, and there was a lady using one of the apparatuses.  I kept walking, and I saw a group of old men.  My grandfather in Oklahoma used to go downtown everyday to play dominoes. In Romania, the old men went to the park and played chess.  Here in Korea, these old men were playing a Chinese game. I have seen them play this game before, but I don’t know how to play it.  It is played on a kind of chess board, but with game pieces with Chinese characters all over them.

The water wheel at the pond




The stream that runs under the foot bridge I was on

There were lots of people out talking a walk to get their exercise in the park. The Koreans are die hard exercisers.

As I kept walking, I saw a pond and a water wheel.  It is a very pretty park.  I went back to the bridge and took a picture of the stream off the bridge. It was cold out there, and I decided I was getting too cold, so I went to my car. I saw lots of people walking in the park. The Koreans never give up walking or exercising outside no matter how cold it gets! It was a nice walk, and now I can show you a park that I like here in Seoul.

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