A Crocheted Scarf

All the work has finally come to an end. I have worked hard and made sure all my kids have something homemade for Christmas, four kids, one grandchild, and two son in laws, and one daughter in law.  They tried to talk me out of giving them Christmas presents because they don’t want me to spend any money, but they accepted the idea of all homemade gifts.  This afternoon, I finished crocheting a beautiful scarf.20181210_005035-1691612050.jpg

I used red yarn and blue yarn.  I began with blue yarn. I did one row red, and the next row blue, the next red, and the next blue.  I began by chaining 50.  In the first row, I chained 4 at the end, double crocheted in the 6th chain from the hook, then chained one, then chained in the second chain from the hook, then chained one, then double crocheted in the second chain from the hook to the end. In the last double crochet, just before I finished the double crochet, I put red around the hook and pulled it through both stitches on the hook to change colors.  I cut the blue yarn and wove the end back into the blue stitches I had already done.

For the next row, I chained 6, then I double crocheted in the first chain one space, then I chained one, then double crocheted in the next chain one space, etc., to the end of the row, all red, then I chained to blue again. I always wove the ends back into the color they matched.

That plastic box on the right of the picture is full of Christmas decorations.  Now that I am getting the gifts finished, it will be time to put them up.

I just kept working row after row with each row being red, blue, red, blue.

The finished scarf.

I worked until I was satisfied that it was long enough to be a scarf and my yarn was gone, so it was finished, and I love the way it turned out!  It will be another gift.  I have made so many gifts in my life like this. So many people got nice things that I made, and I always thought I would make something for myself, but I won’t be doing it this Christmas.  I wanted to make a sweater or an afghan for someone for Christmas, but there were just too many people, so I made smaller things.  I have thought about getting some yarn after Christmas and making a sweater or an afghan, and knowing me, there will be someone who wants it, and I will end up giving it away again.  I can thank my mother for teaching me to crochet, and the English school system for teaching me to knit.

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