A Tasty and Healthy Dish for Kids

I invented this dish for my kids.  All kids love macaroni and cheese.  I have seen parents complain on Facebook that they want their kids to eat broccoli, but they won’t.  However, my kids ate broccoli growing up and eat it even now. This dish was part of getting them to appreciate broccoli.  This evening, I didn’t have any broccoli to add to mine, but if you cut the broccoli up in bite sized pieces, and steam them until they are soft, and add them, the kids will eat the broccoli gladly. After that, you can make just broccoli and cheese sauce, and after that, you might even get them to eat raw broccoli with Ranch Style dressing,. Just take it a step at a time to get them to the point of eating broccoli if that is what you want. This dish is a place to begin, and even alone, it gives kids all kinds of things that are good for them.  20181210_185358-1691612050.jpg

Kids need the carbs in the macaroni to grow. First, I prepared the macaroni by boiling water. I put a couple of drops of cooking oil in the water so the macaroni wouldn’t stick together.  After the water boiled, I added the macaroni and let it boil until it was soft.

While I was cooking the macaroni, I also browned the hamburger meat.

While the macaroni was cooking, I browned a package of hamburger.  When it was done, I turned it off. I grated about a cup of cheese. Usually, for macaroni and cheese, they use cheddar or jack cheese.

First, I made white sauce.
I melted about a cup of grated cheese in the white sauce.
Now, I have cheese sauce.

Next, I got a sauce pan. I melted about 4 or 5 tablespoons of cooking butter in the sauce pan.  I added enough flour to it to make a paste and let it cook until it was bubbly.  After that, I added about 2 cups of milk. I mixed it with a wire whip to keep it from getting lumps.  I just kept cooking and stirring until it turned into a white sauce, then I added the grated cheese and stirred it in letting it melt.  I salted it to taste, and I turned it off.

I poured the cheese sauce and the browned hamburger into the macaroni noodles.

When the macaroni noodles were finished, I poured them into a colander in the sink to get the water out of the noodles.  I then poured the macaroni noodles back into the pan.  Next, I poured the cheese sauce and the browned hamburger into the noodles. If I had steamed broccoli, this is when I would add the steamed broccoli. However, this evening, I didn’t have any broccoli, so I had to think of another vegetable to eat on the side.  I mixed everything together

When I mixed it all together, a tasty and healthy dish emerged.
Homemade macaroni and cheese with hamburger.

The dish was done.  This may not look like the most tasty thing an adult has ever eaten. After all, it isn’t quiche or Spanish rice or anything else that nice, but kids really like it.  It is filling and full of vitamins that kids need.  It does taste good. It just isn’t some sophisticated dish from another country, but something made to keep kids happy and healthy, and it isn’t very complicated to make which is something every young mother needs. We enjoyed ours this evening even though my kids are big now.

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