A Dainty Knitted Scarf

Most people know by now I am trying to make all my Christmas presents.  There is someone on my Christmas list who is 100% lady.  She needs something pretty that a lady would enjoy wearing.  I chose to make her a soft, knitted scarf in soft, pretty colors.

I began with white. I cast on 30 stitches, and then I worked knit a row, pearl a row until I thought the stripe looked wide enough, then I changed colors.


I decided the stripes should be white, pink, and purple. This is what one side looked like because I was doing knit a row, pearl a row.
This is what the other side looked like because I was doing knit a row, pearl a row and changing colors a lot.  I had to work hard at getting all the extra ends woven back into the work to make it look more finished.

I began with white and cast on 30 stitches with my largest knitting needles.  I decided to make stripes of white, pink, and purple.  The combination turned out really nice.  I also decided that I needed to knit a row, pearl a row, and that turned out good too.

Something I should have foreseen was that always changing the color of the yarn to make stripes left me with lots of ends of yarn trying to figure out what to do with them.  I am luck that I also crochet because I always have crochet hooks on hand. I used the crochet hook often weaving the ends of the yarn back into the scarf to give it a more finished look.

I just kept working and making it longer and longer.

Another problem appeared too. I remember in times past talking to older ladies who did a lot of knitting when I was younger, and they said that sometimes, they had trouble with the last stitch on a row being too big, and the ends of the work not looking right because the last stitch hung out in a big loop too much, so to fix the problem, them began not always knitting in the last stitch on the row, but just passing it over the hook and making it work for two rows.  I began having the same problem, probably because of the large knitting needles. Instead of doing exactly what they had done, I decided to just take the large loop and loop it over the knitting needle again after I knitted it, and when I began the next row, I just knitted in that stitch along with the regular stitch that would normally be on the needle.  It turned our really well, and there were no loops hanging off the edge of my work.

It kept getting longer and longer, and I finally decided that since I had begun with white, I should end with white, so when it seemed long enough and I was on white, I decided to cast off.

I just varied the colors between white, pink, and purple, and just kept knitting and knitting and knitting with knit a row, pearl a row until I decided it was long enough, and then I cast off.

It turned out pretty and dainty looking just like I had planned.

It turned out to be the pretty, dainty looking scarf I had planned.

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