Making a Japanese Origami Paper Ball

The Japanese like to make origami ornaments and put them on their Christmas trees, and everyone else puts Christmas balls on their trees, so putting an origami paper ball on a Christmas tree seems to be a good thing to do.  Here is how you can make an Japanese origami paper ball.

Start with a completely square piece of paper.  I am using rice paper. It is regular origami paper, but you don’t have to use origami paper.  Just get a piece of Christmas wrapping paper and cut it in a complete square.
Fold the paper in half.
Fold the paper exactly in half the other direction.
Open up the top layer.
Leaving the bottom part on the hard surface, push the top part over so that it is even on both sides and if you push it down, it will be a triangle.
Push it down and crease the edges.
Turn the paper over.
Leaving the triangle on the hard surface, take the paper on the top layer and push it up folding it so that is creased on both sides where it connects to the triangle.
Open up the top layer again leaving the triangle on the book or table you are using as a hard surface.
Push the triangle down like the one on the other side and crease it on both edges.  Now you have two triangles.
Next, you take the top layer and pull up one of the corners on the bottom of the triangle and fold it toward the middle of the triangle.
Pull up the other side the same way toward the middle and crease it. You will have a broad diamond on the top of your triangle.
Turn the paper over.
Fold up one side toward the middle like you did the underneath side.
Fold the other side toward the middle like you did the underneath side too.
Next, fold just the top layer of one corner of the wide triangle toward the middle.


Fold the top layer of each side corner of the wide diamond toward the middle of the piece where they meet.
Turn the ball over and fold the wide corner of the triangle toward the middle like you did on the other side in the same place.
Fold the other side wide corner of the diamond toward the middle too.
Next, on one side of the top of the shape you have now, pull up the top layer that comes to a point at the top.
Find the little pocket or envelope below the paper you just pulled up.
Put the point of the paper down inside the pocket you found and fold it.
Pull up the paper point on the other side and push it down inside the pocket on the other side and crease both sides.
Turn it over and do the same thing on the other side.
Pick the ball up, and you can look at the end and see a hole where you are going to hold on to two parts of the ball and blow into the hole like it is a balloon.
When you blow in the hole, it bowls up to look like a ball.

The origami paper ball is finished.  You can now put it on your Christmas tree.  Either that,  or you can take it apart and try to put it back together and see if you can remember how to do it.  The nice thing about it is that you will still have the instructions right in front of you on the computer.  Enjoy it.





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