Granny Mary’s Easy Trick

Granny Mary was not my grandmother. She was one of my sister in laws who has passed away with cancer.  The Everson family has had so much cancer that it is just not fair, but now a days, more people are living through it, but Mary didn’t.  Thankfully, I am not an Everson by blood because they have isolated a cancer gene in the Everson family, and my kids have been tested, and they, thankfully, didn’t inherit the gene. Mary lived a very full, full life!  Her grand kids were the same age as my kids, and my kids and her grand kids hung out together.  My kids are the youngest Everson grand kids.  Her grand kids called her Granny Mary, and even though she was my kid’s aunt, they affectionately called her Granny Mary too.

Mary had an extremely busy life! She had three jobs. She worked as a school bus driver, a stock boy (girl) at the local grocery store, and she also sold Avon.  Her husband had worked at Fenton Glass, a famous glass blowing place in the Ohio Valley. He was one of the glass blowers, and since Fenton Glass was such a good business, they didn’t think he would ever be without a job, and they went in debt for a big, nice, ranch style house on the farm where Mary grew up.  However, Mary’s husband got laid off.  To get a job in his profession, he had to change a bit and work away from home.  He started using antinque glass molds and instead of blowing glass and making more beautiful glass things a little different that he did before, but so far away from home he couldn’t come home every night. He stayed there in the camper and came home on weekends.  Mary did what she could to help by working three jobs.

Mary’s husband was a deacon in the local church of Christ. They were very good people! Even though Mary was so busy, she didn’t back off of taking care of her kids or her grand kids, and she had a good relationship with my kids too.

I dropped in to see Mary one afternoon, and my kids and her grand kids had been playing together at her house.  Mary had made hamburgers for all of them.  She was doing something I had never seen.  As she was pulling the hamburgers out of the pan after frying them, she was putting the patty in the bun, and then placing them in a plastic bag right away.  I had never seen anyone do that. I used to work at a hamburger place when I was in high school, and I always wished I could make the buns as nice as they were when they came out of that hamburger place.  We used to rub them on a big wheel that had melted, liquid butter on it, and send them through a machine, and they came out really nice, warm, and soft, really nice to eat.  What Mary was doing was equivalent to that machine. She put them in the plastic bag, and when the kids pulled them out to eat, the buns were nice, warm, and soft.  I thought she had an excellent idea, and I have been doing it every since.

I began by frying the hamburger patties.

Here in Korea, we don’t find hamburger buns often, but I find them occasionally, and I happened to find some and bought them last week thinking “You never know when I might need a quick easy dinner to cook.”  Well, that day happened to be today.

You need a plastic bag to do this with your hamburger  buns.

This morning, I knew I wasn’t feeling well, so I put hamburger and my hamburger buns out to thaw.  In the afternoon, my “not feeling well” was confirmed because I ended up at the doctor’s office with an IV in my arm because they said I have pneumonia.  They let me come home, and I got home a little while before my daughter got home from work. She had to work late, and didn’t get home until about 7:30.  It was time for the easy dinner.

As I pulled the hamburger patties out of the pan after frying them, I put them directly in the bun.
After I put the patty in the bun, I put the whole hamburger directly into a plastic bag.
I put all the hamburgers in a plastic bag and let it sit a couple of minutes, and then the bun got soft and warm. They were ready to eat.

I fried the hamburgers.  I added salt and garlic salt to my burgers.  I learned garlic salt on the burgers from another friend down in Texas.  When the hamburgers were done, I put them one by one in a bun and placed all three buns in a plastic bag and closed it. I let it sit a few minutes, and in a minute or two, the buns were nice, soft, and warm, just as if they had come from a nice hamburger joint.

We had a tasty dinner.

My son in law won’t get home from work until about 11:00 or after, but my daughter and I enjoyed our hamburgers.  I guess he will have to put his in the microwave.

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