The Latest Craze in Korea

We were out shopping today, and I saw people, mostly kids, but also some adults wearing the same hat today.  There is a place in EMart where we go by every time, and I had seen the hats there, but they were almost sold out. There used to be a whole wrack full of these hats there, but there were only two there today.  People like these hats!

I snapped a picture of this little girl in the food court because I had seen these hats for sale and thought they were funny. She was sitting there making the ears flop up and down.

I first noticed a little girl wearing one when we were in the food court, then we went by where they sell them, and I noticed they were almost gone. After that, I saw two more kids wearing them in EMart.

There was a hat on display in the bookstore at Lotte Mall, and several hats for sale.

When we got to the mall, they seemed to be everywhere.  Kids everywhere are wearing these hats, and some adults.  I watched a lady wearing one playing with it for a long time, but she didn’t know I was there.  The pieces that hang down both sides have paws on them, and when you push the paws, the ears pop up and down, and this lady was having her friend hold her phone so she could see what was going on and popping the ears up and down and laughing about it.

There were kids everywhere wearing these hats.
Every time we looked up, we saw someone else wearing one of these hats.



Even this woman was enjoying the hat.  She was pressing the paws and making the ears jump while her friend held her phone up so she could see them jump.  And look, someone put one on the snow man!
You can’t see it well in this picture, but even the little girl in front of us on the escalator going out of the mall to the parking lot was wearing one of these hats.

I saw these hats the first time when we were over in the middle of Seoul shopping by a university, and I thought they were silly, but I knew that Korean university students are into silly hats, so they would buy them.  It seems like more than Korean university students are buying these hats.  It isn’t just kids who are buying them either.  They are funny.

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