Lunch at Our Favorite Food Court

You have seen blogs about when we were in this food court before, but I have never really shared with you what we eat there.  This food court is extremely popular.  It has a really wide choice of foods to choose from as well as good prices.  Today, I ordered my food from a place called Chef Lee Food Truck, and my daughter ordered hers from Burger King.

The picture turned out a little dark, but you can still see the sign.  You can see the name in English and in Korean. It says the same thing.  However, if you read the Korean, they don’t have an “f” in Korean, and they would say “Shyepu Ree Poodu toorog.”
Here is the menu from Chef Lee’s Food Truck.  If you look on the top half, the first list, the very bottom item, it says 만두.   In English, that is said “Mandoo.”  That is what I ate.

Mandoo is the Korean name, and the Japanese name for the same thing is “ghee-oza.”  All three, the Japanese, the Koreans, and the Chinese eat these.  If you look back through my blog, there is a recipe that some Chinese students once taught me to make mandoo the Chinese style.  They taught me to basically make noodles stuffed with ground pork, soy sauce, and green onions. What I ate today looked more like the Japanese style, ghee-oza, but the inside was definitely Korean.  The ghee-oza I ate in Japan had more ground pork, green onions, and soy sauce like the Chinese ones have, and the ones I ate today had a little ground pork, green onions, and clear noodles made with rice flour inside the mandoo.  The Koreans usually steam mandoo, and the Japanese fry the ghee-oza.  However, what I had today was fried like the Japanese make them.

When I order a dish of mandoo, I usually get about four mandoo, and this was much more food than I expected.  I couldn’t finish it all.

They also served me a small dish of soy sauce to dip the mandoo in, a bowl of rice, and yellow pickles.  I ate these yellow pickles first in Japan too.  They are made from large radishes, and they are very tasty pickles.  Since there was too much food for me, I offered my daughter some of my mandoo because I know she likes it too, but she said she had eaten too much mandoo lately.  She had been eating it for lunch every day at work.  She said the cooks in the cafeteria where she works had begun making mandoo with kimchee inside. At first, she didn’t think she would like it because kimchee is spicy and can really drive you crazy and hurt your stomach if you aren’t careful.  However, she said they didn’t use too much, and even though the mandoo were a little spicy, they were still good.  I actually wanted mandoo gooksoo today because my throat was bothering me, but we couldn’t find a restaurant that had it. Mandoo gooksoo is mandoo cooked into a soup with pieces of dock (rice cakes) in the soup too. However, they have completely changed our food court, and they are no longer serving mandoo gooksoo.20181201_140524-274297367.jpg

My daughter was craving Burger King. She said she had eaten Korean food everyday for lunch at work, and she was very ready for American food even if it wasn’t the best or fanciest food in the world.  We like Burger King and eat there often.  Today, she had a long chicken sandwich and onion rings.  The Koreans call the chicken sandwich a chicken burger (pronounced bo-go).  They call the onion rings yangpa ring because “yangpa” is onion in Korean, and they often leave the plural form off the end of words in Korea.  If we order a burger, french fries, and a drink at Burger King or McDonalds in the States, we call it a meal, but the Koreans call it a set.  My daughter got a chicken bogo set.

The food court was packed because it is a very popular place to eat. 

We had a nice lunch, and then we went shopping.  🙂

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